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Actions are most important - Love through actions not (just) with thought/emotion...

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posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 12:46 PM
There is talk about "The power of the mind" and how it may have a physical impact on our world. I heard of the water experiment and I heard of the rice experiment. I even heard of the peace meditation experiment where they meditation on peace and then the violence rate went down, but do you know what have been more effective?

If people actually ACTED on compassionate actions instead of just talking/thinking about it.

You can think of "love" and "peace" all day long, but what will be more effective, thinking of how much you love that suffering person, or actually walking up to them and helping them?

It seems like now that people are believing in the power of the mind (law of attraction and such), in seems that there are more New Agers, meditating and feeling love and peace instead of taking action.

If a person is mean to you, or if you feel that life is "tough" - you do not have a choice that the emotion arises, but you do have a choice on whether you will allow the emotion to grow by staying focused on negative thoughts or allowing the thoughts to come and go, by actually acting on the negative emotion (rage, hate) or letting it go. By feeling miserable when the bad thing happen, or choosing to laugh to realize the pain and tension. The choice is yours.

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 01:03 PM
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It's one thing to change one's own mood or emotion through positive thinking, but it's another to actually go out and make something positive happen. It's much more difficult to express positivity outwards than it is to impress it inwards.

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 01:07 PM
Great thread, coincidentally I'm reading a book on this very subject called "Christic Universalism" which details 3 basic principles: 1) feel and act on love, 2) know yourself so you can improve on areas you are flawed, and 3) know how others think/feel so you understand their reality distortion field and thus become more tolerant to their mistakes. IMHO a very hard task to accomplish that I'm trying to make easier using subconscious mind reprogramming.
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posted on Jan, 4 2013 @ 01:18 PM
Actually actions are not required by all. And only the well off, the healthy, the wealthy, ever buy into those traps, and all the other dog eat dog, social darwinism, karma and crapola that hte controllers and slavers depict.

I'm responding to this, as a backlash, to some of the patriarchal karmic stuff I read time to time. To me even being positioned to ACT instead of Pray is a gift, and those not positioned, are doing just as much as those positioned. Because "positioning" is a miracle in itself, and often misunderstood by all who are able bodied, they think they earned it, but in reality, its a gift to help others in action with. But some very strong light filled souls are on the other side, challenging our lack of love, in the not so able bodied part.

The reason I react to this, is because the majority citizen on this earth is not the free and able bodied, middle class or higher male, but is the impoverished mother and child, world wide, and includes elderly, disabled and shutins, all over the world and in our countries. And both physically, and even mentally/spiritually, in situations that make them in intense stress and trauma, they are not themselves at all. When they can wake up and pray for others, its quite a lot they're giving, more than the able bodied. And they are the majority citizen on this planet, and exist even in our first world nations, in fact, every single mother in the slums qualifies.
And the luxury of all these discussions on spirituality forgets who the majority citizens are:

The Love through actions is about, making efforts, to overcome our flaws. This part is true. Ie. you find yourself having difficulties with those around you, or being shown that your judgments are invalid by a miracle with a homeless person, whose generosity surprises you, and then we start to work on unconvering our limits, our flaws, our judgments, our programming, and begin to strive to help others.

But, the person in the corner, with failing health and no means or money to help, receiving some help themselves, that is not enough, who spends their time praying for and interceding for others, often discovers that those prayers have affect, and what they're giving is 100 % the same amount and even greater, at times, (in other words one cannot judge its not a competition and it really doesnt involve the material including your bodysuit's abilities. That which is perceived as what "can do or perform" actions, ie the body suit, is an illusion, a bit of dust.

So, just rounding that idea or concept out a bit, to what really counts, spirit, intention, and the rest is a luxury. For anyone with the health to give or grow or take actions with, or those with the health to pray and intercede, this is all a gift and we should be grateful for the opportunity, whatever our opportunity is
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