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Firing an old black powder weapon

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posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 02:43 AM

Was at my friends farm the past weekend, and we were firing his old black power gun. It is not an original, but a replica. It has a .75 calibre and shoots little metal balls.

The way of loading the blackpowder, the flint to ignite the whole process and the whole experience is rather awesome. I cannot even imagine how they made war with these weapons long ago. It takes forever to reload, and honestly it is not very accurate.

It was a fun experience though to fire these old beauties. The detail on the guns are amazing, and it reminds you how far we have come, in weaponry.


posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 02:47 AM
They are pretty neat, glad you got the experience. I grew up with a nice 50 caliber Hawkins and two pistols.
It takes a bit of practice to overcome the initial flash pan burst to get a steady shot.

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 02:49 AM
reply to post by mugger

That is so true, because there is quite a delay between pulling the trigger, and the rifle actually firing. Takes some getting use too.


posted on Jan, 4 2013 @ 03:19 AM
VVV , that was soo cool , brought me a big smile to my face , i needed that brother

posted on Jan, 4 2013 @ 03:33 AM
another video of VVV i urge you all to watch it , who would have thought ?
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posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 08:45 PM
I fell in love with Black powder Weapons, when i was younger, their not everybody's cup of tea I Know, because you really have to love the ritual that goes with it, don’t get me wrong i like shooting modern Cartridge Weapons, but there's something special about Black powder, it's living history, and you have to have a deeper kinship with your weapon, (If that makes any sense) because they demand much more from you, with modern weapons being so accurate nowadays with ultra fast lock times regularly shooting sub 2" groups at 100 yards is nothing, but a Flintlock now there’s a challenge, noisy smelly and smoky they may be, but when it all comes together nicely
Powder measure
tap tap tap
greased patch
Short Starter
seat it home
Half cock
frizzen up
Check port
prime pan
frizzen down
Full cock
Take Aim
Hold on target
Hold on target
Hey you guys did i hit the target i cant see trough all this blasted Smoke

They can be a very Pleasurable and fun Experience

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 08:53 PM
I've gotten to shoot some black powder with my dads Lancaster. Such a learning experience to do. To think that once upon a time that's what folks hunted and waged war with. These days I prefer to shoot with some black powder as opposed to a regular rifle.

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