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God Damn It, They Found Out!

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posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 09:39 AM
reply to post by EvanB

OoO, Nice choice.

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 09:42 AM

If you want to have the experience of firing a weapon like this, find a reputable gun range that will let you, while you still can.
reply to post by charlyv

I'm looking into it as we speak.

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 11:19 AM

Originally posted by wulff
The Sun seems to be UK's equivalent to our National Enquirer they will make up anything to sell their magazines!
A lot of people don't realize here in the US you can legally own and use a fully-automatic machine gun. All you have to do is pay the $200 'tax' fee and a background check and if you can afford the ammo you can 'go at it'!
The proof that law-abiding citizens are not the issue, owning a MG has always been legal and there has NEVER been a crime committed in the United States with a MG that has been bought legally!
Keep aware, I see a time where something like Sandy Hook happens in the UK so your government can do the same, mainly disarm the public!
Good Luck and good shooting!

Isn't it just the pre-1986 MGs that are legally transferable, and due to the declining supply over time (no new legal guns, and those who own them rarely willing to part with them, plus those which are damaged, or have ended up with criminal enterprises, etc.) - from what I understood, it typically costs over $30,000 to purchase a legal and functioning full-auto machine gun in the US. I might be wrong - stopped looking into it as soon as I saw the cost.

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 12:38 PM
reply to post by dogstar23

Hello, here is a little info I found regading machine gun purchase in the USA:

The Process
Ever since the National Firearms Act of 1934, individuals buying machineguns have required the same procedure for each machinegun.
1) Federal transfer form with fingerprints and photographs for the background check.
2) One-time transfer tax of $200.

When your form is approved, a Federal stamp in the amount of $200 is attached to your form certifying approval. This form is your ‘permission slip’ to own that specific machinegun.


1. You must be a US citizen over 21
2. You must not have been convicted of a crime
3. You must live in a state and jurisdiction that does not prohibit machineguns.

States that prohibit machineguns:
New York
Rhode Island
see this site for more info about your state:

You may find this interesting: Before 1934 you could own MG without any issues but the people like Machine Gun Kelly and others (such as they found guys hunting deer with Thompson SMG!!)
So they didn't want to completely prevent legal ownership of a MG to the public (the good old days when they actually thought before passing a law!) they put the $200 transfer fee thinking few would own one unless they really wanted to spend the money! $200 in the mid-30's was a lot of bucks!

We have a firing range here in Arizona that has some MG clubs and you can fire any of the clubs guns. The .50 Caliber is $5 a round! kinda pricey!
My brother is a gunsmith and has a legal Uzi, lots of fun!!

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 01:18 PM
reply to post by Wide-Eyes

Just asked a friend of mine who actually owns a rifle about this and he told me that basically,if you want ANY rifle (because we can have any rifle we want) it has to be pull bolt single shot.we can have semi auto rifles but they have to be .22 rim fire we cannot have any semi auto above .22 (i.e 9mm 5.56 is a no no). And that's about it.

Oh and have seen what we have to go through to get a pistol,it's ridiculous they have to have a really long barrel and a arm brace so you cant conceal it.

Hope you get the gun you want.

posted on Jan, 4 2013 @ 09:47 AM
There's a lot of BS about UK gun laws and I keep trying to expose it. As I understand it:-

SHOTGUN LICENSE: Everyone of age has a RIGHT to own a shotgun, UNLESS the police can demonstrate a valid reason for you to not be allowed one. Medical records and criminal records are usually where the police look. Having taken anti-depressants in the past can be all that's required to refuse a Shotgun Licence.

FIREARMS LICENSE: Everyone has to demonstrate a NEED for the particular firearm (excluding shotguns & airguns) they wish to acquire as well as passing the medical and criminal checks. One such common need for a firearm is for sporting reasons. The average Joe has a good chance of obtaining a license if they are and have been members in goodstanding of a gun/shooting club. But gainng membership may not be so easy. In some parts of the country there is ZERO chance of you gaining a gun club membership due to them all being fully subscribed already. Unfortunately I have been in this position for over 6yrs, waiting for someone to die, be kicked out, or rescind their membership of the clubs near me.

So to recap:

We have a RIGHT to own a shotgun. The burden of proof is with the POLICE to find a valid reason to refuse you a license.

We DO NOT (legally speaking) have a right to a Firearms License. The burden of proof is with YOU to prove a need for the said license/firearm.

It would seem that gaining a shotgun license first would make good sense if you want a firearms license. However, several firearms license holdrs I have spoken to have advised me against this and stated I should join a club and go for the firearms license. I never could understand their reasoning but they all had the same opinion.

posted on Jan, 4 2013 @ 05:04 PM

Originally posted by Wide-Eyes
Ok, I live in the UK and have been well aware of the fact that assault rifles are perfectly legal here. I hoped to one day own one... I have had my wide-eyes on a Steyr AUG for a while. I just need a valid reason to own one.

Unfortunately 'TheSun' have picked up on this and are demonising them. I have been tempted to mention this on ATS but didn't really want to draw attention to the fact that we can own them with a valid license.

The story I read in The Sun is not available online but it seems that they have picked up the scent and are on a witch hunt. I fear that by the time I can actually acquire a class one license, these guns will be illegal.

I only want it to shoot bottles, honest!
You will never get a licence if "you only want to shoot bottles, honest".

I'm glad you wont be able to.

posted on Jan, 4 2013 @ 05:43 PM
They'll let you have an aug because our 22 caliber pistols will still lord over you. There is a reason you don't turn on the TV and see people fighting with them...

Of course you will now go out of your way to prove me wrong, totally missing the irony of having to go out of your way to prove what I just said as wrong...

posted on Jan, 4 2013 @ 05:57 PM
Automatic and semi automatic rifles are banned in the UK.

You can buy an AR-57 (for example) legally here, as long as you have a valid license, AND it has been converted to a single shot cock (bolt) weapon.
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posted on Jan, 4 2013 @ 11:36 PM
reply to post by liverlad

It was a joke mate. And actually that really is all I want to shoot, targets. I have no desire to kill anything, believe me. :shk:

posted on Jan, 4 2013 @ 11:46 PM
reply to post by Wide-Eyes

I was going to say, I was pretty sure you guys couldn't have semi-auto.

posted on Jan, 4 2013 @ 11:48 PM
reply to post by dogstar23

Nope, doesn't cost anything near that. I saw a real assault rifle (a ump with the ability to switch between semi and full auto) on a facebook gun site the other day for about 3 thousand. However you have to pay a little bit to get the special license to own them, have to pay taxes on them, and get a more thorough background check (i think).
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posted on Jan, 4 2013 @ 11:51 PM
reply to post by Wide-Eyes

Make sure they are plastic bottles, that broken glass can hurt someones feet. It gets dragged home in the soles of the shoes. I had a partridge go through our window, the glass was everywhere. The only way to get it out of this rug by the computer is to replace the rug. I hate those tiny slivers that come up when you vacuum.

posted on Jan, 5 2013 @ 12:48 AM
reply to post by rickymouse

A partridge flew through your window?
What are the odds? You can't make this stuff up.

posted on Jan, 8 2013 @ 02:45 PM
reply to post by rickymouse

I've just realised you were being sarcastic.
I blame the drink.

posted on Jan, 8 2013 @ 02:50 PM
reply to post by Wide-Eyes

Not really, everything I said was real. I've dealt with the glass from the partridge in the rug for a year and a half. That glass from broken bottles flies a long ways sometimes. Been there, done that, when I was a kid. Had glass in my shoes more than once in my life from doing that.

posted on Jan, 8 2013 @ 03:22 PM
reply to post by rickymouse

lol, I will be careful of that bottle glass. Thanks for the heads up.

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