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Ancient Knowledge Pt.5 - Energy, Coral Castle, Tablet of Shamash, Saturn, Magnetism & Mythology IS H

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posted on Jan, 16 2013 @ 11:45 AM
While I think there is some serious misdirected anger at byrd here for simply posting information that is confirm able, he may be missing the fundamental point that is being made about free energy and multiplicative forces, however, I doubt it.

You can't say anything he has said is untrue and you should really consider his point of view as he is 100% correct in saying there really is no new information here as of yet. Part 3 of this is probably my least favorite as it is essentially an entire clip of a previous documentary.

An excellent documentary mind you:

What people may not understand is that, right now, we can levitate things using 2 methods that I know of, one is diamagnetics (the direction this series is taking you and has been proven to be the only method know for amplifying energy, that is to say you can build a device that generates more energy than is put into the device*) and sonic levitation, the later being far less advanced and profound in my opinion.

( *This statement is based on an initial one time expenditure of energy to start the device in motion)

Those of us who have been working with these kinds of things have known about the physics this video is presenting for some time, and it's current limitations. (this should be obvious to anyone based on the age of the clips the author is using) I am very interested to see the rest of this series unfold, but don't let your BS shields down just yet.

I will leave you with the shambalam diagram where the author references the angled copper poles used at coral castle and the diagram, there is another object being held by the figure in the chair.

There is a suspiciously similar object found in a tomb of a an ancient Egyptian architect from a different thread by slayer here where he is hypothesizing it as a possible sextant. It is very interesting to see that object referenced in the tablet then found in the possession of an Egyptian architect.

These videos may be profound for some but until I see vids of the author levitating granite blocks in his back yard i'll reserve judgment. I myself have been working to do this in my spare time, so far, from my own experience unless we can find a way to significantly amplify the magnetic fields produced we are currently at a dead end. However as far as I know there is only a single Lab in the enitre world that is dedicated to these principles and is currently experimenting with diamagnetics, sonic levitation, and frequency of matter.
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