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posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 03:46 PM
"To have luck is to see between the layers of time"

They say that is an intrinsec relation between Layers and Luck,I mean just like the coal that it can be found stratificated in layers.

But which can be this relation?

Coal is forming by stratification in million years in layers and sometimes can self-ignite for different reasons,I mean certain condition must met for this to happen in terms of thickness and the temperature given by this thickness.

The same thing is happening with luck ,some people are more lucky than others because the needed amount of layers in time of generations has gathered and at a certain moment in time the luck will self-ignite.

So what is very interesting is that luck is gived for many generations and if one of them will consume all that amount the neccesary conditions needed to gather that amount that can generate the spark will need more time.

But layers can be found all over in our lives I mean even Life is built in layers.Each layer is a memory in a cell and of the cell and in our mind building the genetic inheritance.

So even here in the genetic field we have layers and I believe that sparks and self-ignitions are happening from time to time that can be seen in different individuals whith different aptitudes and qualities of life.

But if we have a long time without self-ignition ,I mean many generations then I guess that we will have a genetic accident wich can make the things a little complicated.

And the reason is the memory of the cell has been consumed before the necessary time needed to gather that amount to form new appropriate layers.

And that is why we have what we call genetical accidents.

Well to come to more Earthly things I can say that we have layers even in feelings (one of my favorite subjects of course).

Love can be placed stratificated in time in layers ,one after the other and each layer can consolidate the previous one until that spark will be produced and the soul will self ignite with love and for love.

The same is happening with hate only this time we have a negative feeling that can produce bad and very bad things.

I can give many examples but I prefere not.

Of course each layer has an Echo that can be found on the next layer and all of them are the consequence of Time

So we can say that everything is built in layers and for us as individuals we can say that we are layers...of our deeds,I mean our facts are forming layers that at a certain point in time can also self-ignite in a good way or a bad way depending on us and of the influence that others have on us depending on how we gather that amount of...something neccessary to self ignite...happiness ,which of course is not in direct relation with luck but can be corelated with it.

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