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Scientists Against Bush

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posted on Oct, 26 2004 @ 09:42 AM
Believing that a good majority were under the influence of the (covert) goverment, I thought this was an interesting article to see what scientists opposed Bush. So I read...

"In 1964, nuclear scientists came together in unprecedented fashion to oppose the candidacy of Barry Goldwater for president. Like George Bush, Barry Goldwater was a "super hawk" who believed first and foremost in America's military might and dominance in the world."

A few paragraphs down...

Now, forty years later, scientists are once again in united opposition to another bellicose unilaterlist, George W. Bush, who, like Barry Goldwater, also believes the world's problems can be solved by Americas military might, and who, by all accounts, is in large measure frighteningly less intelligent than Goldwater. In February of this year, the Union of Concerned Scientists released a policy statement deriding George Bush and his administration for its ideology-driven science programs and its cynical manipulation of science for raw political ends."

A quote from the UCS is given following that paragraph and has it's own link.

Here's the link to this news file:

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