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Illinois State Senate TryingG To Ram New Gun Ban Through Lame Duck Session

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posted on Jan, 7 2013 @ 09:51 AM

Originally posted by saturnsrings
Anyone but me find it odd that conservatives rage when liberals tries to "ram" through legislation in lame duck sessions, when conservatives do the exact same thing? Look no further than Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Both sides do it, but it seems like when liberals do it, it's front page news. When it's conservatives? Never a word about it.

How much damage did the lame duck congress do after the 2006 elections, to the postal service? Plenty.

Care to cite a bill or reference? I know I can: Obamacare. THAT one, right there trumps anything the conservatives could, or would, "ram" through.

I'd say Obamacare bought the conservatives about, oh..say...a few hundred years of "ram"ming!

But, back to your fluffy to cite a bill that was 'ram'med through by a conservative, er even a GOP congress?

edit to add: I find it quite uncanny how many progressive supporters fall back to the (now popular) line of, "Well, both parties do it!" That is a cop-out! Time to start holding your side accountable! They are making you all look like fools.
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