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Come on americans, stand up for your rights.

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posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 11:52 AM
It seems Americans are completely blind to every form of political smoke screen that Obama throws at them, you people shout about what is right and wrong and have the right to bare arms, yet you sit by blindly and let this complete sham go unpunished, you LET your country be raped by propaganda, you LET the bush administration destroy the middle east and attempt to implement a "democracy", Im sick and tired of you all moaning about your rights that every administration has made out of the 2nd and 1st amendments since WW2.

I have said it before and will say it again, Occupy wall street was a ridiculous attempt of a protest.

>Continued later

posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 12:07 PM
So what do you think we should do? Because once you raise the sword its hard to lower it.

posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 12:11 PM
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Im seeing a quick transfer of this Thread to the RANT Section.

posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 12:15 PM
reply to post by The0nlytruth

I could not agree more.

On this very site, there's an abundance of 'oathkeepers' that talk so much and do so little. It seems gun legislation is the line in the sand, but until then we'll just be taxed to death to pay interest on our debt while our politicians vote themselves pay raises.

Every single person who has taken an oath to defend this nation is full of it. America was lost on your watch.

posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 12:22 PM
i love these threads... stand up americans why you let them do this.. blah blah blah... but no answer as to how to fix the problem.. tell us what you are doing to fix things since ur so smart?

pointing out problem is easy.. finding answers is the hard part...

what are we suppose to do, pick up a gun and march to washington to be shot and leave my family with nothing and no one to take care of them? Stand up peacfully like the protesters have been doing so i can be arrested or killed, and while I am doing that and not working how will my family pay for rent and power and food?

posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 01:31 PM
humans only act up due to trigger events, boston massacre was the one that started the american revolution

it would be a colossal act of stupidity, to use an open and frontal attack against the firmly entrenched
American Empire, the most powerful and monstrous Death Machine ever established by the sub-species Homo-Psychopaticus.

a violent, armed revolt/uprising is exactly what they need to finally proceed with their extermination camps and open tyranny, obama's hoping he gets to be the 1st official emperor that doesn't have to hide behind the title of president.
hell, all he has to do is point out all those in the revolt who are well known racists, to completely discredit the whole movement and massacre them.

so why are you trying to goad people into acting violently?
if you're calling for revolution, go right ahead and lead by example,
fire the 1st shot.

otherwise be quiet because you're no different from those you accuse
or are attempting to lead/goad people into an ambush

During the American Revolution, only 15% of the colonists supported independence, and only 5% actually participated. Extrapolated to today's population, and those numbers represent 45 million and 15 million, respectively. I submit that an even greater percentage are awake and would be willing to participate in a new revolution. But must it be armed?

The police state control grid has been under construction for decades, and is near complete, if not already finished. They are ready to deal swiftly and cruelly with your “revolution”, and they're fully comfortable and unworried that you're prepared to take up arms against them. Our police are fully militarized, their ranks swelled with military veterans trained to destroy the enemy – which, whether anyone realizes it or not, is now you. Recruitment policies have favored those of lower IQ, those who are not smart enough to question immoral orders – such as torturing for noncompliance, also known as tasering, ten year old children or octogenarians who pose no physical threat to them; not smart enough to understand the Constitution or their oath to uphold it, and who are more likely to get off on pushing other people around.
Foreign national police and military forces infest us, and Posse Comitatus – the law forbidding
military presence on American soil – has been reversed. A web of FEMA detention camps spans
the entire country to imprison the millions who will not comply. One need only examine the
police and military response to Hurricane Katrina, where summary judgment – often involving
execution – was handed out on the spot, and the military went door to door confiscating weapons from law abiding homeowners, leaving them defenseless against the criminals roaming the streets, to know that these chemically lobotomized, brainwashed thugs will have no problem stamping your face into the dirt, fellow American or not. And if you are unaware of what went on during the G20 summit in Pittsburgh, 2009, you will want to acquaint yourself with it.
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posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 01:41 PM

Leaderless Resistance

And the taxpayer, not content with thus ruining political science, added insult to injury by
damning all its chief ornaments as thieves, and by swearing that he would never let them
rook him again. His bellow was now for the most rigid economy, and he swore that he
would have it if the heavens fell. There was no holding him while the fit was on him. In
many American cities public expenditures were actually reduced. – H.L. Mencken, What is
Going on in the World, Vol. 30, No. 119 (November 1933) pp. 259-260

Where does the State draw its support and funding from to pay for our own enslavement, to
prepare for our inevitable rebellion? Funding and support comes from you. From me. From anyone who voluntarily supports Leviathan. You are conditioned to think that death and taxes are certain, but, while you can't escape death, taxes are indeed voluntary and the State is powerless to enforce their illegal theft so long as enough people refuse to cooperate with it.
During the Great Depression there was such a tax revolt. Not everyone participated in it but it was sufficient enough in numbers that the government was powerless to do anything about it. They could only hire people to go door to door begging – begging – people to pay their taxes. What a glorious example of the real power we, the People, have over even such a grotesque, power-bloated government. They begged them to pay their taxes. They didn't SWAT team their houses, shoot their dog, and throw them in jail. They begged them to allow the State to rob them. Let that sink in.

The biggest problem we have now, particularly since the Great Depression, is that spirit of self
sovereignty has been gradually eroded away, so that most Americans not only feel that they must pay their taxes, even if such taxes are illegal, but that it is their lawful, patriotic duty to do so, and they are more than happy to do it – anyone who does not is a cheat and a scoundrel and un- American. Would that I had a dime for every person who got angry at me for telling them that not only was the State robbing them and their children of their wealth and prosperity, that this theft was an example of their slavery, but that none of it was legal in the first place. The only real revolution that will deliver true liberty is a revolution of consciousness. This revolution demands that you stop looking outward for leaders and saviors, and be your own leader, your own savior. Within your own mind lies simultaneously the problem and the solution to all your problems.
You must lead, but you must not allow anyone to follow you, except to encourage them to be their own leaders. And we must recognize the innate power we as a collective have, that no matter how powerful the State becomes, it can only function if the people grabs it by the heel and places it upon their own necks. This is the genius behind the scam, but also the beauty behind the solution:
stop empowering it. Do not vote. Do not pay taxes. Do not join or allow anyone you know to join the military. Do not invest or spend your money in the mega-corporations, particularly the banks, which control our government. Become self-sufficient: save your money. Buy gold and silver. Get off the grid. Produce your own food, water, heat, and electricity. Arm yourself. Educate yourself. Turn your attention inward. Only you can save you.
Movements and groupthink are nothing but avenues for us to relinquish responsibility for our own actions, or inactions; for us to play the victim. We stand outside their buildings waxing hysterical about truth and justice, and they laugh at us as their hired thugs – the militarized police – tear gas us and assault us with batons, attack dogs and sound cannons. Face it, folks: the game is rigged.

They've very carefully and meticulously created this matrix over generations with nothing but
their own aggrandizement and perpetuation in mind. They haven't come this far to let a mob of
people clamoring for justice stop them. It is difficult to wrap your head around, because it is part of your programming. Fighting tyranny and injustice is the American way. The Matrix we live under does not have at its source some external influence. The global power elite are not aliens (well, maybe they are...), they're not gods or supervillains. They are a manifestation of the diseased egoic mindset of the collective. They are you. They are me. If you want justice for these crimes you just as well might wrap the noose around your own neck.
The only justice to be had in this world is to accept responsibility for your actions, or inactions, and do what must be done to change. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Take responsibility. It is ridiculously simple yet staggeringly difficult. We hate them, and yet we think we need them, or at least someone who will serve us better. For as long as the current egoic malaise exists in the collective psyche, you can hang all the David Rockefellers and Donald Rumsfelds you like, and more will simply take their place. Take it to the bank.
This state of the world will change when you change. If you feel like change cannot take place
until enough other people change, then change will never take place. Change only takes place
when you step into your own power, and jealously guard that power and let no one have it. You are part of the collective, and your own personal awakening evolves the collective towards
consciousness and freedom. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. That is allyou can do, and it is enough.
My solution is the eradication of society and the State that inevitably accompanies it. That entails, and would be brought about by, taking a great measure of responsibility for one's own life and health that, unfortunately, most people are just not willing to shoulder. This is why they deny the severity of the crisis. This is why they willfully accept lies. Rational acceptance of current reality requires responsibility and hard work. Television, fashion trends, pop culture and corporate mega sporting obsessions just don't fit into this equation.
Because of this, there will be a great deal of suffering, including Americans turning on each other knowing nothing about how to fend for themselves except to beat another over the head and steal what the other has. Not knowing how to grow food, they will starve, or suffer from malnutrition and disease, once the currency can no longer buy it, if there's any on the shelves at that point anyway. This seems extraordinary and extreme, I realize, but when the above scenarios play themselves out, as is impossible to avoid, what do you think will be the result? Life as you know it, more or less, continuing as it is?
Surely someone more important and smarter than we are will figure it all out. Never mind that
they are the same “smarter” and “more important” thieves and murderers who created the crisis in the first place; they have told us they have it all under control, so we should just continue basking in stupidity, continue reveling in ignorance. This is about as intelligent as employing an arsonist as a firefighter. For many, blindly hoping or assuming everything will work itself out for the better is the only solution they're capable of or willing to accept. Get away and shield and protect yourself from these people with extreme prejudice.
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