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Inside-Out Your Mind

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posted on Jan, 1 2013 @ 05:04 PM
This one could also go in the science forum, but I have posted enough there for a while so here it will be.


Look what Kent Rogowski did. He took a bunch of stuffed animals, kids' playthings, unstitched them, removed their insides, and turned them inside out. This masked red thing, I presume, is an inside-out, hmmm, I dunno, rag doll?

Scroll down a bit for the next, and more scientifically interesting, part...


Derek Sivers made a lot of money in the online music business and now lives in Singapore. He's an entrepreneur, and when he gives talks, he shows his audience how different cultures think, well...oppositely.

For example, here's a street map he likes to display. It comes from Japan, and you will notice the streets in these maps do not have names. They are all blanks.

"In most of Japan," Sivers, says, "streets don't have names. Streets are just the empty space in between blocks." In our country, it's the opposite: blocks are just the empty spaces between streets.

Weirder still, buildings have numbers, but they are based on when the building was built. The first building constructed in 1950 is called "1," the next one from 1953 is "2," and they don't have to be next to each other, which means a typical city map in Japan might look like this:

There is much more information at the source link as well as a link or two to interesting TED talks.


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