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The digital invasion of your privacy and living room

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posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 11:52 AM
With todays technologies many have to accept that with the gift comes a curse of less privacy perhaps. Unless some individual designs some type of screening or blocking device (which would possibly be designed from the same privacy overriding equipment provider) This is something that must be considered as more technological advancements possibly come into play.

I even seen a show where they showed how you can still listen into a living room / or structure w/o any of these devices at all. I think the Russians used it first to tap Americans via sound emissions from vibrations emitted from audio emitting materials within construction equipment the Americans allowed the Russians to pre fabricate.
So if some REALLY wanted to be in your business there is always a way. The issue more less comes into play when nefarious institutes allow advantage points to be located where this technology can be used in a negative way to spy unknowingly on civilians ect. w/o their consent. And then the next thing you know you got some individual(s) working within one of the institutes hacking civilians home lifes via: reverse computer camera access video or sound texting reverse software to listen into homes from computers or other connected devices within institute hardware. So its up to these institutions to manage their product and people with access to it other wise this can become a major privacy problem that may get so far out of hands the information management sectors will have to press reset do to so many people having their lives cloned/copied electronically.......


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posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 12:14 PM

Originally posted by Infi8nity
ITS NOT JUST VERIZON. All cell phone company's spy on you even when your phone is off, the Govt has told us this. Xbox kenetic is a device for your a Xbox gaming station. It records your movement and matches it to the game play on the tv screen. Xbox kenetic is able to track your BIOMETRICS. (the next phase of this tech) Biometrics are like a body finger print. Its a mathematical calculation of various body parts. How far your eyes are apart, how large they are, where your nose and your mouth is on your face ect.... Now imagine walking down a street, a billboard scans your biometrics and advertizes to you based on a DATA base they have on you and guess what YOU HAVE NO CHOICE!!! They have all ready started the data base on every one of us. They store TRILLIONS (probably more) of gigs worth of information. As soon as I hit reply (possibly even before) this post is going in my file. It goes much further then this. I am not going to post any more because I might traumatize some of you. Its really sickening
how deep this really goes. Just imagine the power one would hold after unlocking the secrets of how the brain works.

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I had a problem with people surveilling me in 2009. It was stalking and they did run off with ideas and profited from it, and still do today. They used a very expensive camera. One of the feelings I had about their equipment was that I wanted to kill their machines. Not them, but I wanted to total their equipment, and drag the machine carcass into a police station and press charges, because the presence of their operation was giving me emotional grief. It's as though an illegal pornographer voyeur or peeping tom has set up to be a neighbor. And what do you know, some of them were actually in that type of business. Their conscience was seared.

What they did to me was immoral and unethical, and illegal but I couldn't prove it because they ran away with the recordings. It was abuse to be watched without consent. Now I have a heap of blackmail material floating around somewhere. Took away my sense of security.

It can be held to be a form of torture to be watched without relief in privacy. It's what is done to people in jail as part of punishment: constant surveillance, no dignity over the body. It's a tool for inflicting pain when you can't take it away, and people need to have rights away from that for the sake of their privacy and dignity.

After a point, there is no actual power with knowledge, only control, which is why there is counter-intelligence and non-proliferation, the groups that keep people stupid regarding liberty over the planet. Kill the tool, take it out of a abuser's hand, and you won't be injured the same way again; maybe the dignity will come back, maybe the camera won't steal your unique identity and traffic it to an executive's wallet one day.

The surveillance people have lost their independent spirit; they work in a company, they gave up certain rights for the ability to hide behind a camera state. And in their quest to get their rights back, they will struggle in their job and take it out on the people they see the most one day. When people get hurt, it's usually someone who knows them, and the best defense is to know who is watching you.

Privacy is security. Security is privacy. Maybe surveillance TVs deserve to die.

posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 01:26 PM
reply to post by Sandalphon

I am terribly sorry to know that happened to you. I can relate in the way that you felt, but it seems you have a lot of strength to make it through what drives too many to hurt themselves and worse.

Well, I have suspected this and heard of this through the grapevine that this invasion of privacy is a regular thing. I never doubted it much. But this is just one out of MANY reasons I do not have a TV in my living room. The one I own is in a closet and I've never even plugged it in. But, as for my lap top? Can't escape it all I guess. In any case, I am shocked that this is becoming public as the potential future. Does this not violate our natural right to privacy so blatantly that this would never be allowed?? I didn't read all the replies, I will go back and read them to see if anyone commented on that as well. Happy spying, everyone!

posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 04:35 PM
reply to post by Mimir

Sort've on topic-ish.

Many years ago, I worked in a mail room where many high priced goods were coming in and out on "loan" for marketing/advertising purposes.

Too many of these items were getting "lost" in the post, so my employer decided to fit a discrete camera hidden in a dummy smoke alarm over the weekend while nobody was at work.

Moday morning roles in and we all turn up for work.

To be fair, I dont think anybody would have noticed the new smoke alarm fitted to the ceiling, but the only item in the wast bin was the box, clearly labled "Dummy smoke alarm with discrete surveilance camera"

Still cant work out whether the people that installed it were stupid, on our side, or if it was a dummy, dummy smoke alarm and the whole point was to leave the box where it could be found"

It made no difference anyway, turned out the items were going missing before reaching the mail room.

posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 11:34 PM

Originally posted by Mimir
Here is a few cut's from another article about the same issue and the potential of LED's, it's roughly 1 year old.

As if a person might not be concerned enough about privacy and surveillance, the improvements to electronic spying tech and the drop in price for digital storage will soon allow governments to hoover up all data in the here-and-now but execute retroactive surveillance.

Now picture this, a city with a population of 12 million which has about 500,000 video cameras, one video cam for every 24 people. By 2020, the declining costs for digital storage will make it possible to store all of that video acquired, in high resolution, for about a quarter per person.

The consequences of the "coming era of ubiquitous surveillance" to countries with a "complete absence of privacy considerations" will affect all of us.

For the past several months I have been diligently, and with Law Enforcement approval, researching several 'exotic modulation' audio surveillance devices that have been seen in Europe and are now in North America. The devices included high quality Ultrasonic, inductive and light modulated listening devices. Some of the results were stunning, and the standard sweep tools most of us buy in North America simply can't detect them. For example, there is one modified LED bulb that will send audio over 300 meters, a nasty ultrasonic audio implant that sends room audio via fortuitous audio pathways, and a kit that allows the attacker to modify any color LED light found in a common appliance and turn it into an audio transmitter. The last and most important device for those of us who work with high threat levels is the inductive device. It literally goes through anything and it is very scary. Qualified sweepers can view these new and significant devices at in the government and LEO restricted area.

At this time of year when many of us are surrounded by an inordinate amount of LED bulbs via holiday decorations, the idea of Christmas lights spying on anyone by potentially "listening" for audio seemed extra creepy

Yes, Virginia, even the LED lights might be 'listening'

LED's are simply diodes that emit light, in order to receive that light you would have to have a receiver and this would have to be pointed directly at the LED and the light from the LED would have to be modulated. I don't see where an LED could be used to "spy" on anything.
I think what you are referring to is a device that can be easily built using either an infrared LED (focused through optics to a narrow beam) or a small laser diode. I actually built a device in the mid-80's as a demonstration and it was not ever used for spying. Here is how it worked: I used a laser diode (I used a red one for ease in 'seeing' where it was aimed, one used for spying would be invisible infrared). I mounted this on a small platform I machined and mounted this to a camera tripod. I took another tripod and on this I mounted a photocell the output of the 'cell' was then run to a simple 2 transistor preamplifier that had adjustable gain, the output to this was connected to a simple high-gain audio amplifier with the output connected to some headphones. To use it placed the 'transmitter' (Laser Diode) in my front yard so it would strike the target I selected at about a 30 degree angle, the 'target' was my neighbors living room window across the street (he was in on the little demo so I wasn't being a 'sneak-ass' LOL. okay like I stated I used a red visible laser for ease in aligning. It struck the window and reflected back to the far side of my house, you could easily see it on the front of my house (it was slightly dimmer than at the source as it was hitting a clear glass and some of the light was passing through the glass) this would be minimized when using infrared and a more powerful laser, I hooked up my receiver in the house and I could hear an audible hum, this was the photocell picking up the 60 hertz of the house electricity modulating the light bulbs, as you pointed directly towards a lamp it was so loud the amp gain had to be turned down! Next I took it outside where in the dark it was quiet (it would, depending on which way it was 'pointed' pick up different light sources) okay I think you know where this is going... I placed it in the beam that was reflected off the window, you could hear some of the hum from the lights but when it was properly aligned it quieted right down. I put the headphones on and asked my neighbor to go to his living room and say something (he made a few totally inappropriate and unflattering statements about me! LOL, all in the name of science!) I could clearly make out each unflattering word! When he came back over I told him I told him word for word what was said. sorry this is off-topic just thought you might enjoy it!

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 12:21 AM
reply to post by Mimir

"The digital invasion of your privacy and living room"

I have a problem with this title, its only invasion when you don't know about it. Buying these products basically warrants them to do it. You brought it into the home lol.

Don't want to be spied on.
Don't buy TV
Don't buy internet
Don't buy a smart phone
Don't use xbox ps3 Nintendo any hand held game systems or kindle types
Don't connect any personal computers to any internet
Don't use any online transactions what so ever for banking to paypal to ebay accounts
Don't use third parties to connect to anything
Don't use gps anything
Don't buy speed pass
Don't use credit cards
Don't employ the CIA NSA or FBI (they get paid to spy on us lol)
Don't employ the federal bank nor IRS( they both get paid to spy on you)

this list goes on and on, stop them from spying everwhere else then worry about living room, that one is easy to fix.

Seriously, most of stories I hear dealing with this type of topic its like duh DON'T BUY IT lol. Granted a lot of things might go un-noticed but a TV that puts commercials on as you are saying something or eating a certain product IM sure would tip off even the dumbest person on the planet. The only problem is this generation is so stupid and the one under it getting worse, they will think this is GREAT and buy more products like it.

But as far as spying , who cares they have been doing it for a while now such as saving search history for years from google or any other search engine. Didn't see anyone drop internet service over that bombshell (if you don't know what that means. IT MEANS THEY KNOW AND ARE WATCHING EVERYTHING YOU DO ON INTERNET) and now they are building a server farm out west to basically intercept every and all communications in country and world wide where possbile......

we are talking about a generation or even an era of people that talk about superbowl commercials like that was the main event lol and truth be told, it sadly is for many.

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 01:00 AM
reply to post by Mimir

Whoa! So, would they have to INFORM people that they were spying on them????? Talk about an invasion of privacy! You just know, if they are looking to patent this, that there will be stuff put out no one is told about. Big Brother is alive and well, and headed to your living room.

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 04:22 AM
Ermm.. these devices have already been out for a while.. have a look at the motion based Samsung TV's..

None of this is hidden, it's used in promoting and marketing them in adverts!

Not everything is a conspiracy!!

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 07:15 AM
I didn't mean for my reply to be a long tech story it started when in 1984 my neighbor and I was talking about spying by big brother as in the book '1984'. He stated that at least in my house I am safe and sound when I am in my house and I told him how easy it was to 'eavesdrop' with simple electronics, he didn't believe me when I told him it was easy to listen in on conversations in a house.... so, the project was started.
You can imagine how things have changed since then so there is a very good chance that many Americans are being spied on if TPTB think it is for the greater 'good'.
At that time I was working at one of the biggest electronic companies in the world and I became friends with the 'phone guy' he showed me a room that was filled with electronics used in the company, from there we were talking about privacy and he told me (even at that time) that when you are on any phone and you are talking the government has a program that picks out certain words like if you said "assassinate" it would make note that the word was used on that line, then if you said something about say the president, it would place that in 'your folder' if there were too many of words on the line that they thought needed checking (when it reached a set point, it would alert them) they would then go over the list and if they thought there was something up they would listen in on the line... and this was in 1984!

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 09:06 AM
reply to post by ziplock9000

The population of ATS is most likely a bit more aware of the intrusions of our life compared to the ordinary people know nothing about this. I asked roughyl 20 ppl at work today, none of them heard about tv's with hidden cam's......The average user is not even aware that facebook got crappy security, even thou it is written in the EULA. I can only agree with those who say i wont ever buy such crap knowingly, but what if the information isent fully available or hidden with some wordgame deep inside the usermanual/EULA..

reply to post by wulff

That sound a lot like the Echelon system that is widespreed over a large part of the western "world". Echelon is what awoke me to government corruption (way back in time). Echelon

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posted on Jun, 13 2013 @ 08:50 AM

In the "honor" of Edward Snowdens whistleblowing on the Prism-system, I'll update this old thread a little with a few new links documenting some of the claims i made in the initial post.

In november 2012 Microsoft got a patent that basically allows them to use cameras attached to their tv's and screens to monitor you'r livingroom in order to establish if your braking the law - but at the same time they are making an assault on the privacy of your home.

Basically, when you buy or rent something like a movie, you’ll only be granted a “license” for a certain number of people to watch it. If Kinect detects more people in the room than you had a licence for, it can stop the movie, and even charge you extra. So if Microsoft has its way, you won’t just be renting movies any more. You’ll have to decide how many people are watching, and no doubt pay more. And if one extra person turns up to your movie night? Link 2

Now you know why they officially got these unlawful rights, but....

All of us knows that this will be used for much more than just determin how many people is in your livingroom. It will be used commercially to target your profile with special offers and discounts, later on it will snoop in on your private conversations and you risk getting charges for defamations on your political, industrial and royal "gods".

Candid camera takes on creepy, voyeuristic dimensions thanks to a new patent filed by Verizon. Straight out of "1984," the company wants use a new kind of DVR that would go on top of your TV and allow the company (via a camera and mic inside the box) to see and hear what is going on in the room. Link 3

Verizon patent

This again shows that the companies is installing hidden cameras inside the tv, dvr and other electronics so you'll never know if your device got a camera spying on you. In the old days you could use ducktape on your labtops camera, now you might be forced to manualy remove these invasive cameras from your devices.

The opening comment in this post points to a compromised human right "you are innocent until the opposite is proven"

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