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Whisperings of Job Loss

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posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 01:12 PM

Originally posted by Xtrozero

Originally posted by gnosticagnostic

Well i'm not your original poster just an interested thread reader which is why i asked for sources.. I will not take anyone's word for anything on this forum ,

Maybe...just maybe you read a post here that creates a question in your head to look more into a subject that questions your own views. I don't think it is up to the posters on ATS to provide everything, this isn't a formal debate BTW...

For me, many times a post motivates me to look more into the subject. I find that it takes me 5 to 10 minutes to either be enlighten or reinforce my own views.

Most of my enlightenment or reinforcement is researching a reply......

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i'm not saying that i won't do my own research... but asking to be pointed in certain directions I DON'T think is to much to ask either... what happened to the civilized conversations we all used to have?

posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 07:13 PM
I am an IT contractor and work for about 20 businesses. In November I noticed many clients cutting their IT employees hours back. By years end most had added low paid part time college kids to do the job of the once full timers. I figured this was some IT phenomenon, but eventually saw most doing the same to all departments. Even the local schools have cut teachers to part time despite their full time schedules. It's not like any of these people can look elsewhere and companies know this. I found out last week that my company's yearly raises had been suspended and we find out Friday that most of us will be working part time hours, will have the option of setting up individual health plans and will need to transfer any 401ks to individual accounts.

posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 08:35 PM

Originally posted by ValentineWiggin
This evening I was stuck on a bench waiting to pick up some medication at the Pharmacy and started eavesdropping on people's conversations as usual (I'm quite nosey). Everyone around me was much older certainly past the age of retirement. I picked up on some interesting conversations.

A man started talking about how he has heard talk of businesses here cutting all full-time jobs down to part-time. Many other people joined in agreeing with him that they had heard the same thing. The tone was that of deep concern, and honestly I got a bit concerned just listening to them. One man actually said "I guess I'll have to start digging ditches again if I have to" and he was on crutches.

I lived in a poor mountain town for quite a while and learned there to "always listen to the old-timers"...everything trickled down the phone tree starting with the phrase "The old-timers are saying...". I brought this up to a few people my age and their response was "That won't happen to me". I worry that people's egos have gotten to the point that they think this sort of thing couldn't happen, and worse, that it couldn't possibly happen to them.

This is a short little post I wouldn't usually make in a forum I do not frequent very much. I do believe that will change now, and wanted to pass on "What the old-timers are saying..." because in my experience, they are never wrong.

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What's going to happen sooner or later is that we in the US will see austerity forced on us and it will last decades. All the politicians do is tell us what we want to here and hope to god that they aren't in office when that day comes.

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 02:24 AM

Originally posted by gnosticagnostic
what happened to the civilized conversations we all used to have?

I wasn't trying to be rude, but you basically said

I will not take anyone's word for anything on this forum
and I find that a common situation where people seem to argue what is written instead of the whole point of the post.

I get lazy at times and so I quote something without a link and I get the old "you need to reference EVERYTHING" or the "provide data etc" where in both cases the person requesting could have found the information quicker than posting their post for the information...hehe

I usually say something like "let me spend 20 seconds Googling it for you..." then provide the link..

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