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Israel Indicts Ex-Minister Lieberman

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posted on Dec, 31 2012 @ 03:14 AM

I don't know what this joint party crap is that he has going on with Netanyahu but this is finally an article out of Israel I like!

Former night club bouncer?

I call certain politicians thugs some times and people think I am just slinging insults.
Former night club bouncer was probably too honest of a living.

How does that even happen in the world of politics without getting smeared about it?
Perhaps all the ongoing militarized objectives Israel is constantly piping about and budgeting for... keeps everyone distracted. Great, at least us Americans aren't the only ones being brainwashed... no, not good.

When you know that people are getting one over on everyone and getting away with it completely, it's truly frightening to see the masses asleep, sickening to watch the lies... but when one falls, boy does the anticipation rise.

Here's another from earlier this month that addresses Netanyahu with my favorite term for these guys... and of course I didn't write it, but i sure can relate to the authors feelings. I think it's an important article because it sums up what people can't understand about the conflict... just why everyone gets so pissed of at Israel.

Side note, keep your eyes open for certain pics of Netanyahu where you can see two bumps on his forehead, I swear it's like the man had to grind his horns down. Not saying he's THE Devil, but it sure is funny to me. The man has got to be a spawn though.

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posted on Jan, 14 2013 @ 08:48 PM

I could have sworn the first abc link was good, so I looked for another to replace it and found another "page not found" article.

Here's one that is still good, but abc and time articles seem to have been moved.

Fox news still has Lieberman's resignation and indictment article up, so does the daily beast and this one adds that Lieberman was being investigated since 2000

NYT article is still up so I guess it was just coincidence. I just find it weird because I have a complaint that is now missing and have had LOADS of content removed in threads and posts about Netanyahu and Israeli leaders even when trying to be on my best behavior.

btw... Lieberman resigned to save face for Netanyahus party in the upcoming election because they had a joint party status. I'm not trying to toot my own whistle here because my comments in this thread are nothing special, just trying to sum up the articles, but the content itself is extremely important.

I think this news is huge.

We have Russia, China and other BRICS countries standing up for Syria right now. BRICS is relatively new with their first formal summit in 2009. They claim to be defenders of developing countries and promoters of world peace. We have Russian fleets near Syria right now.

Both Syria and Lebanon are two of the nations officially declared as enemies by Israeli law and it seems most Arab members of the Knesset have been investigated by police in recent years for visiting these countries. I think this is very extreme seeing as how the IDF is occupying part of Syria for a LONG time now, not the other way around. The Knesset has repeatedly tried to block Arab politicians from engaging in Israeli politics... and the third article of the OP talks about an example. However, this is changing.

Netanyahu is often called one of the most American politicians in Israel but this is false imo because he doesn't even seem to think that Americans should be using their own freedom of speech against him or Israel.

And here we have one of Israels most racist, main hardliners, Lieberman, being indicted.

No one seems to be taking notice of this, but if they are concerned about world events... people should pay attention to this story and the upcoming election. I feel it is going to get very interesting. It is less than two weeks away and the first thing that Netanyahu said he would do is "stop Iran"

When Hilary Clinton asked about his concessions on Palestine she told him to "Show me some leg"

I'm not sure what that kind of cheap talk was supposed to accomplish, but she did argue with Lieberman over Palestine. Politicians seem to act like they are very caught up up in a cushy lifestyle and are completely unaware of the damage they are doing to the world. This kind of talk sounds like they were sitting around drinking while discussing important issues that effect us all.

We've been piddling around with this long enough. Watch what happens next. If he gets the security of his election, his behavior is going to get much more aggressive. This whole thing about Lieberman most likely has him furious and feeling that Israel is headed for a major shift that he has done EVERYTHING to work against.

posted on Jan, 14 2013 @ 08:56 PM
btw... both of these men are from east European Russia bordering countries. It's almost as if Netanyahu's birth purposefully took place in Tel Aviv, even though he grew up all around and had a lot of American education.

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