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Cleveland physicists lead search for dark matter

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posted on Dec, 30 2012 @ 09:14 PM
All those trillions of dollars of equipment & manpower and they still can't find over 90% of the matter in the universe. Maybe they are looking for love in all the wrong places.


In the chilly caverns of an old South Dakota gold mine, Dan Akerib and Tom Shutt are searching for something far more elusive than the shiny metal that once lured prospectors there.

Their quarry is dark matter.

The Large Underground Xenon detector, or LUX, won't bottle up dark matter, but it could register the particles' fleeting passage. It's situated nearly a mile underground in the mine to shield it from cosmic rays and most other "normal-matter" particles that could be mistaken for dark matter.

I wrote a speculative piece on one possible reason they can't find at least some of the dark matter.
Wherefor Art Thou Oh Dark Quark

It is a spinoff of this piece I wrote, Some Thoughts on Quantum Entanglement Which will give you the basis for the dark quark piece.

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posted on Dec, 31 2012 @ 03:04 PM
The reason this experiment will fail to find dark matter is because it would not be detectable in this method.

I question how a particle of dark matter that has to pass through a mile of rock without a problem will then show up in their relatively tiny patch of xenon just because it is colder.

What if dark matter is energy that is actually much faster than the speed of light? And each particle is much much smaller in magnatude than an atom. Low xenon temperature isn't going to slow it down because temperature wouldn't affect the dark matter in the same way. Lowering the 'temperature' to near zero slows the atoms and their parts down thus lowers the 'atomic friction' that creates temperature. They are not lowering the temperature of the 'dark matter' though.

The xenon atoms and individual atomic parts would slow down, but the 'dark matter' just moves on by never touching the atom or its parts, the same way teh smoke doesnt touch the car in the race car wind-tunnel tests. If you are a piece of 'dark matter,' even super-heated fast moving atoms appear in super-slow motion or stationary to you.

A 'lower pressure' around the outside of each atom part caused form the 'dark energy' flowing around each part is what I believe causes gravity, similar to the way an airplane wing works by creating lower air pressure on the top side of the wing.

This collective negative pressure in large objects such as planets gives them higher amounts of gravity. Atoms with more protons create more of this effect because there are more things for the 'dark matter' to go around. I would think dark matter would be more detectable in the center of the sun, where the high density and atomic friction makes at least a little less linear path for the 'dark energy' to make.

Would be better to somehow look for dark matter in a chamber of vaporized gold in gas form or something like that, where odds are greater that the faster atom parts can get in front of the dark matter.

Remember that this is 'dark matter' is at least 5/6 of all of the energy in the universe.

Also take into note that this is just my ameteur physicist theory...

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