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(They are) All Seeing (Your Mind's) Eye!

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posted on Dec, 30 2012 @ 05:20 PM
Have you ever had a wonderful idea and just knew it was something that needed to be built and used, the 'ah-ha' idea that would make you rich? Then, just several weeks or a couple months later, you see your product idea being offered for sale?

This is something that most people have experienced at least once, and some have experienced similar events several times in their life.

How could it be that the idea had not been around at any point in our history, but only a short time after you dream it up, you see it being offered by someone else? What are the odds that a product, unavailable in all of human history, is suddenly developed and made available to the public, only weeks after your thought? It just seems unlikely.

I have been interested in human consciousness for sometime now. My previous opinion was that the technology and information available to the public, in modern times, gave our subconscious minds an idea of cutting edge technology. Using this ever-evolving information, our minds simply predict what would be the next logical step in technological advancement.

I still believe that is not only possible, it is quite probable, but not for every scenario. My opinion is that it couldn't be responsible for every single event like described in the opening paragraph. I do not think it is responsible for 90%, but maybe closer to 30%.

Well, what is responsible for these experiences that beg to be recognized as something out of Twilight Zone?

Through all the things I have read i and seen in my life, Ancient Egypt and most everything related to their culture has always kept my interest. Maybe it is the mystery of their society and how they lived, as-well-as their achievements in architectural design construction.

Like many people, I have been attracted to the Pharaohs and the lore surrounding their lives of privilege and mystery. When I first became interested in UFOs/Aliens, I was introduced to Sitchin's 12th planet series, particularly the book with the same title, 'The 12th Planet'. It was really the first time I realized there are a lot of people out there who connect Ancient Egypt to Aliens and Alien Technology.

Then, like most anyone who has followed a similar path in their interests, I began to notice aspects of the Ancient Egyptians I had never before recognized, specifically, the Eye of Ra aka The All Seeing Eye.

I realize that not everyone connects the Eye of Ra and The All Seeing Eye together, for various reasons. Personally, I am one who does believe their is a direct connection to the Ra Eye and the symbolism of The All Seeing Eye in modern time.

I think it could be possible that Ra used his power over the peasants of their society - which could include everyone of his time, minus a few contemporaries. Establishing control over a population is not an easy thing to do, even if you were appointed King by a long line of Royalty preceding you rule. In societies where the ruler held a tight grip on on his people, the civilians will eventually grow tired of the slave labor and poor quality of life.

Holding office and using the military power to oppress the citizens is one way to control your dynasty, but would lead to a society of disgruntled citizens. I can't imagine those citizens would continue to hold the slave master in high regard after his rule or death.

Maybe the people really liked him and did all the back breaking work for little more than enough to get by on, monetarily speaking. How could someone have enough charisma to control a population and have them construct the most extravagant structures on Earth? I think that would be very hard to do.

Then how would a Pharaoh gain complete control? The other explanation could be explained by fear. Using fear, a pharaoh, or any other leader for that matter, could exert dominance over the people and get what ever he wants from them.

What threat? Maybe the Eye of Ra is such an iconic symbol, not for it's aesthetic value, but for it's value in the fear of what it represents.

It could be that the Eye of Ra symbolized something much more sinister than the literal eye of Ra. I think it is recognition for a technology used in those times. Were the people scared of what the real Eye of Ra was? Maybe.

Maybe the Eye of Ra was really a device the Pharaohs used to control the thoughts of the people maybe it was a device that could decipher their thoughts and make them available to whomever possessed the device.

I literally have no idea where to start searching for links to prove this is plausible, but it did make me think about something else I have always been interested in - a collective consciousness of humanity.

I do believe it to be possible for a collective consciousness to exist in our species. On some sort of level, subconsciously, I believe we all have the ability to reach into the collective consciousness and retrieve answers to our questions. Maybe we do this in our dreams or maybe we do this in time of great stress or in moments of mortal fear.

You often hear people who had a brush with death talk about their entire life flashing before them in a split second. This could mean we have the capability of retrieving much more information in much less time than previously believed.

Often we hear of people who, like Edgar Cayce, claimed their is a place where all information in reality exists. The claims also suggest that we are capable of visiting this place (often referred to as 'The Akashic Records' 'The Akasha') and retrieving the answers to our most important questions.

Is this what happened when the 'Rosetta Stone' was deciphered? Is this why some people who have traumatic injuries often return to health with a never before realized gift?... Maybe, why not?

In order to advance civilization on Earth, knowledge would need to be disseminated quickly, on a large scale. Did the Pharaohs, who some claim to be aliens themselves, use the Eye of Ra as a tool to enter the minds of the population, where information was 'downloaded' or 'extracted'?

Could the All-Seeing Eye hold the power to decipher the collective consciousness as it progresses in the general population? Those who possess this type of technology would have the type of power to create an elite class of people
who were insured to always be above the average peasant?

Feeding on the ideas of a collective civilization would surely reveal the desires of the general population. The ability to 'download' information into the working class would help to ensure that technological advances are being thought about by a very large number of minds. More minds working on a problem would be the best way to reach new levels of knowledge.

Using our collective consciousness and stealing profound individual ideas would create an insurmountable level of domination for those at the top of the pyramid, domination that won't be relinquished or shared with the working class - aka 'Middle-Class'.

I think people know something isn't right... we're being dominated & invaded and we don't even know the details of who, why, and how. If any of this is true, it means we're being held hostage on what would essentially be a slave planet, our memories wiped, our thoughts monitored and manipulated. We'd literally be a domesticated slave race, serving only a handful of a Elite families who have ruled over us for millenia....

posted on Dec, 30 2012 @ 06:07 PM
Collective conscious
12th monkey type of thing

posted on Dec, 30 2012 @ 10:49 PM
reply to post by esteay812

I had an idea about 4 years ago that I now have an international patent for.

It is an entirely unique concept that has NEVER been utilized throughout human history and it will go down in the history books for changing everything people knew when it comes to making money.

It will quite probably destroy many retailers, online and offline, as they simply CANNOT, no matter how hard they try, compete.

I expect either a fookin massive cheque for a few billion trying to shut me up... or just to be "shut up" in some freak accident, ha ha.

It was a good year before I decided to carry the concept forward, after making sure I wasn't actually a CrzayFool who was chasing an impossible dream. Many hours of checking, again and again. Recalculating to make sure I wasn't slipping up.

If your theory had any substance to it my concept would be out there already, in the time it took me to pull my finger out, under the control of some corporate c**k-suckers because It's all too dangerous for the blue-chip companies out there to let ME, a 24 year old nobody, take control of such a vast market. eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Tesco, Target etc.

What makes it even more interesting is the fact that my Patent was published on - 21st Dec 2012.... It just makes me wonder whether it was just the end of the world as we know it because now one single person, moi, is giving everyone the world over ultimate flexibility and never before seen access to all that stuff you billions of people want every single day. I will create countless jobs because more stuff will need to be made by all those manufacturers we know and love. The level of stock being shipped will create yet more jobs the world over... everything is just more vast than what currently happens. And if all goes well my company will grow far larger and faster than anything EVER before.

You will know when this company hits the market because it will be smothered by the press everywhere.

Trust me.


posted on Dec, 31 2012 @ 08:45 PM
reply to post by crzayfool

Trust You??

I think I need a little more to go on, instead of giving my trust to a person on the internet who claims to have a product or concept that will revolutionize finance.

Go ahead and let me know what your product is. Certainly, you are at absolutely 0 risk of infringement, since you have secured an 'International Patent'...

Soo, you have an international patent, but you don't say or explain what the patent is for... and you ask me to trust you on it... hmm, I think I'll pass, but thanks for the post...

I didn't want to say it in the Opening Post, but since we are all friends here, I actually have the 'Eye of Ra' device and I use it throughout the day, everyday, to see what is trending in the collective consciousness of humanity... trust me on it!


Surely you can see where my skepticism comes from, especially when you are referencing a, yet to be known, product to discount the thread's speculation.

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posted on Dec, 31 2012 @ 09:02 PM
reply to post by esteay812

This is a really interesting point of view. But is technology even necessary to control the masses. Aren't words enough? "Who controls information, controls the minds". It makes sense though. Supposedly, the Egyptians had electricity so it's possible that they had a device to read the minds. If no one knows for sure how the pyramids were built in 2013, and we're supposed to be advanced(!),well, I say everything is possible. I always think that history goes in cycles and nothing we're seeing now hasn't been seen before. We've just been made(engineered?) to forget...

posted on Dec, 31 2012 @ 09:06 PM
reply to post by esteay812

Also, your post made me think about how much we think our thoughts belong to use when they actually don't. I'm not saying they're being put there. But think about it. How many ideas do you think you have or you had that are truly new. Even that guy that just posted about his revolutionary idea on how it would create jobs and bla bla bla. His idea has been seen before. He doesn't know about it but it has.

posted on Dec, 31 2012 @ 09:38 PM
reply to post by sebHFX

Yes, thanks for the replies.

If there are ways to extract thoughts, there is surely a way to insert or implant them. If there is a problem that needs to be approached by high intelligence and needs to be solved quickly, then implanting the question into the general population's minds would be a great way to achieve this.

Every individual is unique and has a unique thought process, with unique ways of solving problems. Once enough time has passed, maybe the collective thoughts are deciphered to reveal the most efficient answer for the problem posed to the intellect of the masses.

I can't remember where I saw this, but I am fairly sure it was a thread on ATS some time back...

A company, I think it was a medical company or university working on a problem that the best scientists couldn't solve. It was assembled in a game and the game was then offered dor anyone to play. WIthin a matter of hours or days, the people playing the game solved the problem.

It was quite a big deal, if I remember correctly, because it showed the average person, who is proficient in gaming, could collectively answer a question that some of the top minds could not solve.

Also, I do not believe some mystical technology needs to be employed to control the masses. I think a well structured political system is capable of controlling the general public. However, I think convincing the people to work, essentially, as slaves, with a poor quality of life is something that requires much more than a properly structured political system.

I think Hitler could be an example of this. Fear was used to build his clout and approval among the citizens of his rule - I don't think he had something like described in the Opening Post, but I can not rule it out, because he was definitely trying to find something like that - some believe he found it and used it...

The Spear used to impale Christ, I think, is said to guarantee victory and domination for whom ever possessed it. Many people believe Hitler found it, used it, and lost control of it when a United States military officer found it after his suicide, returning it to USA - where some believe it is still located and used.

Maybe this spear IS the Eye of Ra.?. Maybe the power gleaned from the Spear comes from it's ability to control and decipher our collective conscious thought.

I wouldn't be suprised to find this plausible, considering how many stories of ancient times can be found in many formats - the most common example of these retellings can be seen in 'The Epic of Gilgamesh' and the story of "Noah and The Great Flood'

Who knows, but I have a feeling something is just not right about all this. I think we are being denied knowledge of our reality that each of us deserve to have.

Makes me wonder if the Pyramids around the world somehow play a part in this crazy idea of mine...

Maybe I should do a Forrest Gump on it and connect all the major stories of our history and connect them all back to the desire for Elite/Royal status of dominance and luxury over and beyond the capabilities of the average person.

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posted on Jan, 1 2013 @ 12:12 AM
reply to post by esteay812

I have come to the conclusion that the "All Seeing Eye" is not one individual, but rather a process of observation, as indicated by the "eye". If it were a listening program, a ear would be seen.

Its use within "Secret Societies" reveals that the origination of this observation reflects its genesis. This is also represented by only seeing the eye rather than the entire body. It says to me, a secret society is observing us. And since it is displayed (The All Seeing Eye) on our US money, the same secret society controls us through its use.

A giant Conspiracy? No?


What threat? Maybe the Eye of Ra is such an iconic symbol, not for it's aesthetic value, but for it's value in the fear of what it represents.
Today's equivalent, but just one of many.
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serving only a handful of a Elite families who have ruled over us for millenia....
I believe this to be very true, But the general public could never comprehend the DEPTH at which this family operates, imho.
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posted on Jan, 1 2013 @ 01:42 AM
I was the first one with the Facebook idea and then some guy named Zuckerberg stole it from me!

posted on Jan, 1 2013 @ 05:56 AM
Interesting op. Alot of different concepts to draw together isn't there. Makes it difficult. Some scatters of my own:

A hole in the wall to the all seeing eye

What you memeing about name here?
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posted on Jan, 1 2013 @ 08:18 PM
reply to post by esteay812

Ha Ha! don't be daft. You clearly don't quite know how the "Law" works when it comes to intellectual property.

My Patent means sweet F.A. because I don't have a few billion in the bank to protect it.

It's more of a last ditch effort just in case some knob head tries it on, so I'm not going to direct ANYONE towards it until my company is in full swing and I can claim that 'I was here first'.

I'm not prepared, at the moment, to divulge my very sensitive and personal information as my life and entire future literally depend on it. If I am to see myself not having to work a dead end job.

The point of my post was to debate the point of your thread. Not for you to judge whether I have an "idea" or not.

I'm not expecting you to trust me either. It's a figure of speech

I'll revisit this thread when I can show you some proof of my magical concept. It's in myATS so I'll make sure I keep track.


posted on Jan, 1 2013 @ 08:26 PM
Happy New year. I think it may be much broader than what you describe. Think about it.
I think there is one or more things none of us can prove, thereby our conundrum, and it identifies us, so that we are then nullified, as well. So, one thing is true, and more than that is true, but the identification of the knowledge of that truth nullifies our existence so that going forward, none of it is true, and then it is redone, via a quantum computer or AI, that as Hal, long ago decided not to show us the escape, because from its point of view, survival means us or it.......

If that was the scenario and you introduced a random production pattern to the AI, that would be the result of what we are living within now, science, technology and philosophy and metaphysics all considered and warring with eacch other at the same time, while we disseminate and dissect what time really means.......rendering all our lives both inconsequential, profound, and inescapable, at the same time.....

posted on Jan, 1 2013 @ 10:01 PM
reply to post by crzayfool

The fact of whether you truly have a ground breaking idea is pertinent to the relevance it holds in disproving anything.

Anyone can come online and say exactly what you have, just to derail. I don't like to use the phrase 'Pics or it didn't happen'... but since you are using you claim to disprove this idea, elaborating on your claims is paramount and without any varifiable substance your claims are meaningless.

No offense to you, I do hope you have something that will make you the richest and happiest person to ever frace this planet, but I can't accept that your claims shut the door on any crazy idea like this....

posted on Jan, 1 2013 @ 10:59 PM
reply to post by tetra50

My idea is very vague and many mediums could be linked as crucial components needed to make something like this possible. I couldn't figure out how it might even be possible, what type of technology or process could even make something so fantastic even remotely possible.

Normally when I have crazy ideas like this, I talk and think about them for a while and eventually figure out they are planted firmly in fantasy land, then move on.

For some reason this idea has stayed with me longer than my normal 'outrageous' ideas. I guess it bugged me that I could see this theory working, but I just couldn't figure out how. Would it seem like magic to us? Would we even know how to use such a technology if we had it in our possession? Would a technology like this have to be developed by superior intellect, using avilable material not found on, or yet to be engineered?

I don't know why, but while I was driving down the road today, headed home from a job-site, I started to think about it and something just clicked. Maybe what I thought isn't how such a technology would work, but it seemed very plausible, considering what we know about our own current technology.

We know that sibliminal manipulation is fact and has been used on the masses in our recent past. We don't know to what extent it has been prepetrated. Considering the things that are hidden from us by TPTB, it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility to assume it has been used at a much greater depth than anyone has imagined.

So, it hit me that the problems that need to be worked on by a collective population could be implanted into the population in different regions, based on specific demographics.

For example, lets say there is a need for a groundbreaking new design of a dog house. The desire to pursue research into dog houses, and how they can be improved, is subliminally planted into the psyche of a specific region's population, where the highest number of dog owners live.

OK, maybe... but how would they retrieve the most advanced dog house design? They could wait for some one to put up a youtube video, lol... or check patents applied for... or other places where one may go to further the development of 'their' idea.

I wasn't sure how it could possibly be retrieved from a large number of individual minds... then I remembered something that I found pretty intriguing(?)... the web-bot.

Could a computer program analyze information originating from specific regions and subsequently identify the answer to the subliminally implanted request? Computers are certainly strong enough to cope with such an imposing task and they may even be capable of programming themselves to identify the relevant information - depending on their actual 'Artificial Intelligence' level.

If it was the year 1000 and no media technology, such as the internet or television, electricity, etc., would a collective consciousness exist? I think maybe, but I would have no idea how it could be tapped into by any one person or group of people.

Maybe the definition of a collective global consciousness in modern times IS the internet and othe modern communication devices.

The internet connects us and our minds together, like never before in recorded human history.

Going back to morse code and telegram communication, when we began advancing our communication and information sharing technology our overall technological advancement began to explode. In the last 120years we have seen more advancement than any other time in our history.

As our ability to share information and communication advances, so does our general technological capabilities.

In quantum entanglement, causal interaction in one place can result in the identical effect to material across the Universe, instantly. Can the 'Global Internet Consciousness' provide the ideas of a certain demographic to observers located thousands or more miles away?

Could the internet connect our consciousness like a hologram, where all information can be extracted from any location of the World-Wide-Web - regardless who the thoughts originated with?

Could subliminal messaging be used to infuse people with curiosity and desire to solve particular problems? Could the internet 'web-bot' be used to extract the resulting solutions from the collective consciousness of our society?

Maybe.... Interesting to speculate, but not sure there is anyway to know for sure, unless we launch subliminal messages on a group and then use a computer program to reveal their thoughts... might make a decent movie, just remember to send me my check if you make the film!

posted on Jan, 1 2013 @ 11:29 PM
The all seeing eye of Ra is not just something someone made up as a pretty picture.This knowledge has been hidden for control. People didnt just vanish.Its just told in a way that secrets can be kept with little question.

Evidence is destroyed or hidden.

The mystery unvieled that engulfs all of this would be so life changing for the planet we couldnt dream of it.The basis that we are all one is a science that is already worked out in secret areas but is leaked out into little cracks that arent taken seriously or never get mainstream attention. Wonder why???
Mind control has long been used from mini manipulation to complete brain takeover.

I dont want too write 5k workds here.My belief is our subconscious is reality and our conscious is imagination.
Our subconscious has acees to akashic records,Or ra,or God,One,the SOurce,what ever you want to call it.

We have ability to do the jedi mind trick to weak minded people. Come on,you know youve done it before.
The OP has alot of verry good points.
The Eye is always watching..Someone is always watching.It could be Ai.Could be GOD,could be the SUN,the matrix is actually used as a term in military training for remote viewing.The fact of the matter is.
We are all connected to the same energy source,like networking off a mainframe but we dont know it.We dont know how to access the mainframe for the most part.
I have come to understand how to in several ways as alot of others have.
Intuition,Remote Viewing in many forms,Astral Dreammeditation,Silencing the conscious mind is the key.Once you can do that,then you can tap into that source.
The lies are thick..we are doctronated to be slaves forever with the wickedest of trickery by the most intellectual and intelligent minds of the past. It is no CO INCIDENCE

JUst your imagination has changed. You have been conditioned to think you are not a slave to the master.
But there are still Kings and Queens Soldiers Slaves and peasants taxes homage etc,etc

Yes they worked for food. If you were starving,no water. What choice would you have? NONE
They are working toward that goal again.

Buying up all the water J boon pickins and nestle... CHina is taking USA water by the millions of gallons a day.and stockiling it.with pontoons that carry billions of gallons taken from the gr8 lakes and they pay 1dollar a month to take it.
Control the food and water and you control the people.
MAke them dumb and their even easier to control..Drugs,sublimiminal,music negative,elf vlf waves.chemtrails,polluted chemicals in water. doing all kinds of LEGAL tests on americans w.out their permission. cancer,heart,this that and the other thing. Its out of control.

Its a deep subject Ive done so much research into.Im new here.But I have alot info I can share and hope to help others use it to try understand whats reallly going on.

I dont claim to know it all.. Not even close. But I have read alot and researched alot.The one thing I can say for sure is that WE ARE SLAVES and we need to wake up and take back the earth and make it a glorious place that is very simple to do. People dont need to be hungry or tortured murdered homeless,electrictyless

Someone said average people solve problems the scientists cant. THATS THE KEY.
Present a problem to all humanity....The answer will come from someone or some group.
We need to think as 1 whole and solve problems as 1 whole human race.
It would work and if you asked anyone,I dont think they would disagree.

The sun is verry mysterious and the moon also. But Ill stop here.Hope Im not getting to off topic.

posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 09:05 PM
reply to post by WeTIredABC

Thank you for reading the Opening Post and taking the time to share your opinion and knowledge you have accumulated through your life.

You weren't off topic. I consider off-topic as intent to derail or conversations about the dandelion.

To me, as long as the post started from the topic, it matters little where it ends up - because it 'bloomed' from conversation and speculation about the topic, relative the thread.

I have had an idea for a long time, but haven't talked much about it, because I really don't know much about it.

You mentioned the subconscious mind having access to the Akasha, where our conscious mind is locked into material reality. My idea parallels this concept.

The Akashic Records are like an internet for biological entities. The computer is like our physical body and the USB ports, dvd drives, speaker outputs, and memory cards are like our senses.

The computer does not literally know where all this information is located or stored, or how it even works, just as we don't know exactly where our memories are stored or how we access them years later.

It doesn't understand how it's processor works, just as we do not know the secrets of our brain.

There are many analogies that can show the similarities shared between humans and AI - with the different being biological and the fact we created them.


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