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Is global warming part of the NWO design?

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posted on Oct, 26 2004 @ 01:16 AM
A good friend of mine and I have been debating this idea for the past two weeks. I performed a search for this topic and only found one match, but the thread required "secret" access. So... until I gather another 3000 points or so, I'll just ask the question here lol.

Many assume that one of the key factors in achieving a NWO is a drastic reduction in global population. If this is so, then couldn't global warming be one of the most logical approaches? The earth would not become uninhabitable due to global warming. Most of the projections that I've seen suggest that eventually it would most likely usher in yet another ice age before we could actually "poison" the atmosphere completely. This could certainly kill many, many people and would leave enough land to sustain a sizeable human population. Many governments would collapse, leaving no need for any military action in order to unify all or most remaining nations under a single government. Crops would fail worldwide and many of those who didn't freeze would eventually starve.

Now imagine that someone somewhere is really working on groundbreaking weather and climate control technology and new methods for cleaning the air and water on a massive scale. Once the damage is done, the NWO could step forward and claim that they have found the key to restoring earth to its former temperate stability. After that, who would question the intentions of those who "saved" (a small portion of) the human race from extinction?

As consumers, we'd be doing all of the work for "them", slowly digging our own graves while "they" sit back and chuckle at the irony.

Sound plausible at all? If anyone has any ideas or links that may touch on this subject, then please let me know. I'm only a part-time conspiracy nut, and don't have as much time as I'd like to do proper research.

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