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posted on Dec, 29 2012 @ 04:56 AM
"For Nature flowers are the way that she is showing us our presence on Earth by giving colors to our lives and life to all the creatures that cannot live without flowers."

For many, flowers are a common thing,for all flowers represents the common point with love and feelings.

Flowers we all grow in our hearts.

Flowers are lovers dreams beneath the Moon.

But I was asking my self which can be the most beautiful flower...and the answer was "The Flower of Paradise".

"Flowers from Paradise

Long time ago I had this dream about flowers.

To see in front of you in a dream a field full of flowers may not be an uncommon thing.Only the flowers were different.I will try do describe them in words if possible.

They were like velvet with many colors and looked like having velvet smoothness.

They looked like made of precious stones but didn't shine like gems.

The looked like they were made of light but didn't have the consistency of light and do not absorb the light.

They were Perfect....they were the Flowers from Paradise

They were by thousands and somewhere in the distance I could see a mountain and these flowers from paradise extends up to the top of the mountain.

They were in a dream in front of me just like would be expected to be collected.

I've searched for an image to try to find something similar but nothing to describe that beauty from paradise.

I asked myself many times during years what can be the reason of this dream I had.

First I thought at that time that it has to do with material things because it was a good period in that way.

But now I understood the real meaning of my dream.

I guess those flowers were...Love,Desire, Care,Joy on, only these flowers as number represents less than one percent of what I have seen.

They are the Flowers from Paradise...and they are Real."

As I was saying "Flowers we all grow in our hearts" and carry them until the time to collect them up is comming and after that from their seeds new flowers will grow again until will collect the flowers of Paradise.

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