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Question for those in Nyc/ boros....

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posted on Dec, 28 2012 @ 04:10 PM
My job requires me to travel to certain locations around lower Manhattan. So today (12/28/12) while at work
I heard what sounded like a loud rumble. My two partners heard the same noise. Almost like a building falling. Very loud very fast like 5/6 seconds fast. We heard this maybe 3 times in 8 hours. My co workers and I thought it was just noise from whatever new condo was going up. So now I get home, after about an hour I hear that same noise. I tell my wife that I heard that noise at work a couple of times and she says she heard it a few times too.
I work in Manhattan and she was in Brooklyn. I find that kinda strange that she heard what I heard.

Anyone in or near Nyc area hear any strange noises today? Not really like those YouTube videos but more like a Short Loud Rumble?

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