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Louisiana Sinkhole Grows - Time-Lapse and Update

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posted on Dec, 30 2012 @ 11:48 AM

Originally posted by AuntB

Originally posted by rimjaja
I live within 30 miles of that sinkhole.
I can tell you a few things:
One, we have had an exceptional amount of rain over the last week. All of the bayous and rivers are overflowing, so this alone will exacerbate the look in these photos.
Two, the sinkhole is certainly growing, and is expected to get worse.
Three, we have an acquaintance that has been working on the testing of the sinkhole, and my conversations with them leave me with no doubt that the government knows exactly what is causing the problem ( the person won't confirm any theories, just smiles and nods when you are close to the right idea. It sounds like the testers have been given their marching orders about staying mum about the event.)
Yes, it is going to grow and grow. Every storm we seem more trees falling in. When you refer to government are you only referring to LA government or are the feds also in the loop? Now regarding this smiling & nodding... they know what is causing the problem, well i would like to know also. I would like to know what is filling up the bottom of that collapsed cavern. I feel that there is more then collapsed wall and debris in there. And these burps.
You will notice and hear some explanation at minute 3:40 I think most can figure it out or imagine the consequence of the water and dissolving salt dome. When it's mush, then the overburden is sure to collapse.
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posted on Dec, 30 2012 @ 11:56 AM
Get real.

If you look closely at the photos that you've posted, the sink hole is the same size.

The buildings and vehicles on the left haven't moved. The roadway that is covered with green algae and other green aqueous vegitation covers the water, but there is still water under that green aqueous vegitation; therefore the sinkhole is the same size.

posted on Dec, 30 2012 @ 12:22 PM
In one news story it claimed a town meeting was held to answer residents questions only. If those people don't ask the right questions can the government be held responsible for endangering peoples lives?
An unrelated question to ATSers has to do with the sheen in the Gulf around the BP spill. If it is in fact not oil then what could it be? It takes just hours to examin and identify samples so why is it taking weeks to release the results to the news?

posted on Dec, 30 2012 @ 01:46 PM

Originally posted by kdog1982
I resized it for easier viewing.

Welcome to your new toxic lake.
No mysteries here other than man's greed for money.
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The sizes are very similar actually, they are just more zoomed in on the latter images.

posted on Dec, 30 2012 @ 04:25 PM
The sinkhole is 8 acres now, it just didn't happen in one day. This has grown since August. I agree with the post above- it is a zoom effect. The people in charge do not want the true impact to be seen. If you watch all the flyover videos you will see as time progresses they try not to pan the whole area.

posted on Dec, 30 2012 @ 04:52 PM
reply to post by AuntB

I agree, AuntB...the news and fly-over photos present what the "officials" want them to present. When Bayou Corne started, 3 acres of land loss was mentioned, then 5 and now 8 acres. The sinkhole is growing. More and more folks have had to evacuate their homes as it does so, and are not allowed to return.

The Camp Minden incident here in NW Louisiana...the same dealy...very sketchy reports and canceled news conferences and so on...never a straight answer. Most folks don't know that the Camp Minden cleanup is STILL ongoing and scheduled to resume this Wednesday, after New Years. Residents in the nearby town of Doyline have been allowed to return to their homes but the Camp situation is still ongoing. Around 5 million pounds of "product" has been shifted around but still more to go. One wonders what the entire total of product really is/was, when all is said and done.

The fact that folks in Bayou Corne have had to leave their homes in ever increasing numbers seems to reflect the size is increasing. The 3 acre measurement now up to 8 acres seems to suggest that also. Waiting to see where all this leads. Blessings to all. Thanx AuntB.

posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 04:19 PM
Alright, hello everyone. Cajunboy here. I am ATS "boots on the ground" for the bayou corne sinkhole. I have been in contact with many residents and visited the site many of times.

I would like to begin by going post by post correcting or answering question y'all may have.

1. There is little to no fracking going on in South East Louisiana. We have fairly soft ground in the delta that fracking is not needed. The process that this disaster happen is a semi-natural semi-man made fracking. When the cavern wall failed it displaced a lot of soil and earth which caused a natural fracking process. The oil (still unknown orgins) found the path of least resistance and came out through the hole.

2. As for the Natural Gas. In 2003, there was a cavern in the Napoleonville salt dome (not Oxy#3) that was drilled out by Dow Chemical Company. After a few years Dow sold the cavern to Gulf South. Gulf South used the cavern to store Methane. The well casing ruptured and an estimated 1+million gallons of liquid methane escaped. Under pressure methane is a liquid. Methane started bubbling up in the bayous of Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou. It is unknown if all the methane had escaped to the earth surface. The bubbling that is going on now is believed to be trapped deposits of methane gas from the 2003 Gulf South Event. Not only has the bubbling started up again in Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou when the sinkhole formed, but bubbling has started in Bayou Lafourche. (Bayou Lafourche passes in my back yard).

3. We have been receiving a lot of rain, but the water you see in the sinkhole is not water, it is brine. The nice liquid that was being stored in Oxy#3. In the last thread I was in, we came to the conclusion that everytime we received a heavy rain down here, something new happens. We either get growth of a spurt of H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide). We have been getting a lot of rain in the past couple of weeks.

4. On the political front of this disaster. Our governor Bobby "Piyush" Jindal is MIA. He is too worried about his presidential bid in the 2016 election. Our own Lt. Gov was on a radio show earlier this week and said he rarely talked or seen Bobby since he took the office of Lt. Gov. There has only been 1 person who talked to Bobby Jindal one time on this issue, it was the head of the DNR.

5. On the residential front. The residents are starting to give in. They have a feeling of being forgotten. The meetings are growing further and further apart. The flyovers are getting more rare.

I visited Bayou Corne this week to get a feel for things. Not much activity. I am trying to get my boat fixed up to go and do a little filming of some of the bayou sites.

Also, seen a post about Louisiana is sinking. Here is the issue with that. When we levied off the Mississippi river we stopped the natural cycle of the delta. We stopped the flooding that lays sediment across the land. Louisiana is constantly sinking. Has been for centuries. We don't realize it because the Mississippi countered that and built up the land. Look up the Baton Rouge-Temperate fault line. Everything south of that has slowly been sinking into the Gulf. The United States put the bullet in the foot for the people of South Louisiana when the Mississippi got it's levee. We now worry about erosion and sinking.

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