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The War on the Kurds

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posted on May, 5 2003 @ 05:18 PM
The Kurdish people of the Middle East and Persia are widely ostracized by the Arab, Persian and Turkish people. They are probably one of the most oppressed races on the planet. After several thousands of years of nomadic journeys and refugee camps, the Kurds eventually became a lost people. Now they want to find their ways home, but many will dispute where exactly home is. This reminds us of the Jews. Still today many Jews are split over where their people are originally from. The Kurds are no different in that. Some find attachments to Persia, some Turkey. The situation the Kurds are in is very fragile. So what can be done to help the Kurds????

Well some would say that what we did in Iraq will serve them well. Yet those people who think that Iraq being free from Saddam's grip is going to help the Kurds, are not thinking too much. (For there can never be too much thinking).

Now think about the fact that the Kurdish people are just one dominant tribe out of a dozen others in Iraq. One of those tribes is the Tikrit clan of Saddam Regime. The only thing that the foreign liberators did was free people from Saddam. Yet Saddam hasn't been found. Only his government and centralized power is destroyed. No one can possitively say that Saddam is no longer a threat. Yet that is not the point.

The point is that Iraq will still be unstable and will not allow for peaceful agreements. So the anticipation that the Kurds and other tribes had at gaining a voice won't be heard because the forces within the tribes only know how to fight for power. This is clanism, and this is what clans do. They clash. If the people didn't always have to declare themselves different from one another in everyway then maybe they could be a united people; but until then, the clans will only seperate Iraq once again.

So because of the upcomming tribal warfare we can expect some pretty angry cries from the Kurdish people. The Kurds expected the liberators to give them a voice in Iraq. The only voice they will get is the voice of suffering, screaming and crying. The sounds of bombs and gunfire will become the only langauge that the Kurdish people know. For the people have effectively been split. No tribe will survive if it allows itself to be dominated, therefore all tribes must fight for their freedom. Yet there is no freedom after fighting. We know this all too well.

Then again the tribes of Iraq might not have that much problem with the Kurds. For the Turkish and Iranian governments both actively engage in the removal of Kurdish people from their countries. Both actively oppress the Kurds and treat them like dogs. The Arab World hates the Kurd, almost as much as they hate the Jew or the so-called 'infidels'. The Kurdish people are in need of our help. Yet if we help them, then we will only make things worse for ourselves and for them. The Kurds and the Arab must learn to get along.

The outsiders like, China, Russia, Germany, France, 'Great' Britian, and America cannot take sides like they did in Afghanistan. We must not enter the tribal conflicts. Yet we can stop the state-sponsored terror and subversion. Iran is trying to destroy the Kurds through one of their puppet terror groups attached to the complex strings of the Al-Quida-HizbAllah International Network. We must do what is just and legal to protect the people of this earth. Watching the Iranian government kill off the Kurdish people is not just. That is what they will do once the liberators leave.

This war is very just and the intent was as noble as they come. Yet the war is only that, war. War is never good and usually war leads to only more war. We can expect several uprisings and crusades to occur in the Middle East. For Saddam was once a pawn of the New World Order. He was the puppet of several nations. For many nations needed a strong arm in the Middle East that would not lead back to their own bloody hands. So they chose Saddam to be that arm. He was perfect.

Now he is a renegade. He is out of their control. The reason they needed Saddam is so they could control the revolutionary Islamic idealists that were ralling the people against Capitalism and Westernization. The New World Order won't work if the bulk of the Arab World doesn't even agree with Western ideals. So they needed an enforcer, one who could create immense fear among the God fearing Arabs. After several torturing years of oppression under Saddam, many people became more fearful of Saddam than Allah. Saddam oppressed the people of Allah's good will. Saddam oppressed the faithful believers and the true Muslims. Saddam split the God fearing people of Iran from the God fearing people of the Arab World. He stopped the religious wars between the Shiites and the Sunnis. He didn't allow the war of Islam to enter his domain. Now that Saddam no longer has a fearful army he can no longer stop the war. The war will go on. The Islamic doctrine will be heard. The Muslims will fight for their God, and they will suffer for it as well. Allah asked for no fight. Allah wants no war.

posted on May, 5 2003 @ 10:37 PM
I agree with you, especially on the fact that the U.S. should stay out of tribal conflicts such as the example you give with the Kurds and neighbouring countries. If any super power especially the U.S. comes into the picture, they will cause the conflict to be greater.

Good post

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