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Paranoia vs Misguided Trust and Other Extremes - An Irreconcilable connundrum?

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posted on Dec, 28 2012 @ 09:40 AM
As the "Gun Control" Issue heats up, folks on both sides hurl accusations back and forth, quote statistics and generally paint each other in a less than flattering light. All to make their particular point(s) the ONE undeniable truth.
Of particular annoyance to me are the stereotypes people use to make their case:
1) Gun owners are slobbering, stupid rednecks who see danger under every rock and around every corner.
2) Gun control advocates are nothing more than power hungry, NWO shills who want to make us all slaves to the State.
3) Only an idiot would believe the People could take down the present government. Pistols vs drones and satellites is a vain endeavor.
4) The Police and Military will protect us, we don't need guns.
5) The 2nd Amendment is no longer relevant.
6) You are not American, therefore, you can not be objective and logical.
7) It is much more impersonal and easier to kill someone with a gun than, say, a knife.
Of equal annoyance to me are the LACK of any consideration of other social factors:
1) The continued decline of the importance of the basic family unit and the absence of strong father figures in our culture.
2) The glorification of violence and strife by entertainment media while consciously ignoring the TRUE horror of such things and the failure to accurately portray the negative ramifications of violence to ALL involved.
3) The erosion of Faith in modern America (not just Christian) and the rise of unrestrained hedonism as its own reward.
There are more. Many more of both.
Name some that make you crazy or expound on some of the ones above.
Respond with intelligence and make your case. Provide something more concrete than "that should be obvious", "every rational, sane person should know that" or RNC/DNC talking points, et al. These responses marginalize you and you offer NOTHING to the debate except to prove beyond all doubt that you are incapable of rational, intelligent thought and are a slave to your own angst.


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