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(HSSC2) Regarding a Child

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posted on Oct, 25 2004 @ 09:42 PM
Wrote this just now. It's sick... don't read it if you take things, or the people that produce them, seriously. And happy Halloween

He regarded the eyes of a child; so clear, and so innocent, never confronted with scenes of horror. Blind to strife and shut tight to the ravages of the world, they saw clearly a path of only light and joy.

He regarded the mouth of a child; so blameless, speaking no ill of any other. Out of this mouth had never come a word of evil or cruelty, and it spoke only the ancient wisdom of youth.

He regarded the mind of a child; within was contained the infinite treasure of the true secrets of life. The shortest path to happiness was always laid bare before its simple and profound designs, and it dwelled only upon thoughts of contentment.

He regarded the heart of a child; strong with the vigor of youth, it bore no malice for any man. Eternally placid, it was hidden away in the catacomb of Child, forever beyond the reach of any evil.

He regarded the flesh of a child; without mark or scar, it shone fecklessly as the Divinely spun shroud that hung over the peace and innocence within.

He regarded the lungs of a child.

And then he ate those too.

edit: changed the subject to fit in with the others, so I don't sit around at the top.

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posted on Oct, 26 2004 @ 11:26 PM

Originally posted by Odd
Wrote this just now. It's sick... And happy Halloween

He regarded the lungs of a child.

And then he ate those too.

I'll have to agree with you. It's sick!
But I couldn't contain myself from laughing!

Happy Halloween to you too.

I'm still

EDIT: Maybe you should put HSSC2 in parentheses. Just a thought. (HSSC2)

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