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Worrying things about Bill Burr (and some general entertainment observations)

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posted on Dec, 28 2012 @ 04:12 AM
Comedy is fun entertainment, isn't it? When done right, it has us laughing out loud and shaking our head out of admiration. "How can he be so funny?", might be a thought that comes to mind after a good laugh.

Bill Burr is one of the big, rising comedians. He has been featured in Comedy Central, has had lots of tours for many years, has his own DVDs out, and even had an appearance in Conan O'Brien (or maybe more than one appearance, I don't really know).

Some of the things he says make a lot of sense, and he is one of those rare people who I have seen finally, FINALLY talk some sense about ludicrous feministic claims that no one seems to question whatsoever, especially the dumb masses. So in that sense, he is a breath of fresh air, and has been very funny many times, I have really laughed a lot because of him.

But then I started really thinking about some of the things he actually let his mouth form to words, and got a little bit worried. Because he was so funny, and so spot-on when it comes to feminist hypocrisy and oprah's lies, it was easy for me to just brush it off at first.

I started to compile a list of the things that worry me about him a bit. I did that a long time ago, but I thought maybe the thinking people in ATS might enjoy that list, and find some food for thought from it. I hope I can make the formatting fit this text style somehow.

As you can see from the list, he is pretty much a pro-feminist, misandristic, man-hating mangina himself, despite speaking against the most awful lies that feminism has forced upon the masses.

Worrying things about Bill Burr:

- He feels evil in him(!), and extrapolates that to 'white people'
- He talks like a corporation about "Intellectual Property" (which of course doesn't exist)

- He says we NEED "New World Order", and is all for their evil plan to murder most of the humanity to solve the overpopulation problem

- He is pro-Gun-registration (regis = king, so he doesn't realize people have a right to have a gun, without registering it to any government)

- He says a man should never hit a woman (so he's not for equality)
- Every time he talks about someone being killed or shot in the face, it's a man
- Measures human value by their 'achievements' and 'doings'
- His dream would be to drive a tank and throw toxic waste out the top
- According to him, no one would have to recycle if there were only 30000 people (why the number 3..?)

- Just because there would be a small amount of people in the world, animals would stop being extinct or rare, and you could shoot a bald eagle right in the head (why bald eagle? A symbol?)

- Shooting animals is good in his book
- He is proud that he doesn't read
- A complete mangina in his relationship (at least in his stories - why tell such, if not true - an agenda?)
- Talks about evil a lot in his performances; "Once you cross that line, that evil just opens up" ..
- Dresses in black, cultivates the shaved head-skinhead-style
- Swears a lot
- Recommends that men would not call on women's bullshít, but instead "let them" do things their way (always)
- Thinks it's a victory to simply bow down and lose an argument to a hagbitch

- "This is how much of a dick _I_AM_, that I can say I love you, give my girlfriend a card, and somehow, at the end of that, she still somehow blasted me in the head" (paraphrased) - WHY would it not be the woman's fault? Women shouldn't have any responsibility for their actions? Women can do no wrong? What a mangina.

- Talks about having to 'start making some more money', as if it's a good and normal thing (he's rich already)
- He is pro steroids
- He thinks Arnold Schwarzenegger is a "Great Man" (!!)
- He thinks cheating (in sports, etc.) is good
- He enjoys other people's misery ("I love shít like that!")
- He praises black people and women a lot, despite what he says about them in the other hand
- He is fascinated by Hitler (!)
- He recommends unlawful activities - yes, crimes ('Taking down crazy guys with cloroform' etc. etc.)

- "I am into conspiracy theory, that's like my thing", he said. What a peculiar way of wording it. WHY is he into it? WHY is it his thing? Agenda, to protect the conspiracy?

- He claims you can't smell apples, but my apples almost reeked of 'juice' smell (though possibly artificial added stuff)

- Admitted to having thoughts of mass-murdering people in a brutal and bloody way - ALL THE TIME!
- Ends his act with a nazi heil-wave
- He loves women
- He says he's a "functional psycho"
- He recycles his own material into supposedly different shows
- He believes women get a dollar less per hour
- He says it's a problem that no one is watching us
- He says "There's too much freedom" (for white people)!
- He says living alone makes you go crazy
- He says living alone is "fúcked up freedom" (Equates being free with being fúcked up!)
- He says "everybody does crazy shít", like it's a fact. It's not.
- He says he definitely believes in a "higher power" (without specifiying what kind of 'higher power' that is)
- He thinks the messenger is more important than the message ("I am just listening to some guy")
- He doesn't think anyone has ever been dead (denies reincarnation)
- He thinks eating cheeseburger is "not hurting anybody"
- He thinks cheeseburger is "good for your muscles"

Now, of course some or even many of the things he has said publicly, on his blog, in his radio shows or youtube videos, or in his act, can be considered just 'comedy', and it can be said that he doesn't REALLY think that way. It may be true, he may not. But he certainly has said a lot of things that has started to worry me a bit, and I can no longer just happily enjoy his acts, without wondering whether he has some sort of an agenda - perhaps being a part of the 'conspiracy' that he talks about.

When you look at many things in this world, you start easily finding things that can worry you, or things that might make you think "I wish I hadn't seen that", like them making masonic gestures in good, old british sitcoms like "Yes, Minister", or the old comedy/soap opera called "Soap".

And when you look at even the very early episodes of The Simpsons, that you might have thought were still innocent, things may be a little bit shocking for the aware. For example, "Bart Gets an F" - you can't help noticing how much they show that 'pirate book' with the excuse that Bart is making things up, and needs to look at the cover multiple times for clues. Of course it features many masonic symbols, from the 'eyepatch/all-seeing eye' to the skull and crossbones. And just a moment later, Marge, for no apparent reason, flashes the masonic 'devil' symbol, and so on.

The world has gotten to be such that there is no escape into entertainment - unless you are very lucky, or very ignorant. Otherwise, these things just jump out at you and show you that 'they' have controlled entertainment for a long time.

It's always a sad thing to experience something that makes you gasp out loud: "Oh no, not YOU, too!".

Isn't it?
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posted on Dec, 28 2012 @ 04:22 AM
Seems like a normal guy to me, just watched a vid of his and I loled.
Dude he is an entertainer it is all an act.

Funny vid about him getting a gun.
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posted on Dec, 28 2012 @ 04:25 AM
he also used to rant about how the banks are screwing us and had a bit of a conspiracy phase. i've listened to every single one of his podcasts

i think you're taking some jokes a bit too seriously.. he doesn't believe men should hit women so he doesn't believe in equality?

posted on Dec, 28 2012 @ 04:33 AM
He has a podcast called "The Monday Morning Podcast." It is great. Billy is one of my top 5 stand ups. I also recommend The Opie & Anthony show. Norton, Vos, Rogan, Burr, Attell, Stanhope, Schumer, Florentine, Quinn, Kelly, Louis CK, Mohr, Ross. That's all I can think of off the top of the head. All top notch stand up.

posted on Dec, 28 2012 @ 04:37 AM
reply to post by Shoujikina

Too many pills me thinks... anyhows, he's a comedian he cracks me up.

posted on Dec, 28 2012 @ 05:36 AM
He's a (damn good) comedian. He's not trying to secretly infiltrate your mind with propaganda beyond "buy my CD" or "come see my show."

posted on Dec, 28 2012 @ 05:42 AM
He's my favorite comedian. He talks about that stuff for shock value, so untless you find you self thinking "you know he might be on to somethin" and looking for his elcamino in the parking lot I don't think we have anything to worry about

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