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Mk110 57mm. Naval Gun selected for DD-X

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posted on Oct, 25 2004 @ 08:47 PM
Oct. 25, 2004--United Defense Industries, Inc. announced today that the U.S. Navy has approved the 57-mm Mk 110 Naval Gun as the Close-In Gun System (CIGS) for the baseline design of the new DD(X) Destroyer program.

"Raytheon and United Defense conducted an exhaustive study before recommending the 57-mm gun as the best solution for the DD(X) destroyer CIGS mission," said Jim Schoppenhorst, United Defense program director for the DD(X) program.

DD(X) is the centerpiece of a family of ships that will operate within the construct of the Surface Combatant Navy to deliver a vast range of warfighting capabilities that are designed to maximize and revolutionize the combat capability of the Fleet.

The function of the Mk 110 Naval Gun is to provide key ship self-protection and attack capabilities. The Mk 110 will work in concert with other combat systems being developed by United Defense, such as the ship's 155-mm Advanced Gun System (AGS) and the MK 57 Vertical Launching System.

The Mk 110 Naval Gun Mount is the United States version of the 57-mm Mk 3 Naval Gun, built by Bofors Defence of Sweden, a wholly owned subsidiary of United Defense. In September of 2003, the Mk 110 Mod 0 was selected for service aboard the U.S. Coast Guard's new Maritime Security Cutter - Large (formerly the National Security Cutter), under the Coast Guard's Deepwater Program.

This versatile gun system is paired with the Bofors Defence family of 3P (Pre-fragmented Programmable Proximity fuzed) ammunition for combating aerial, surface, and ground targets. This ammunition, designated as the Mk 295 Mod 0, gives the Mk 110 Naval Gun increased tactical flexibility and ammunition effects.

So, as of now.........

-14,064 tons

Power System:
-4 Gas Turbine Generators
-2 36 MW Permanent Magnetic Motors

AN/SPY-3 active phased array multifunction radar:
—Dual Band Radar
—Multi-function Radar
—Volume Search Radar
—Acoustic Sensor Suite
-Dual (high frequency/medium frequency) frequency bow array and a multi-function towed array
—Electro-Optic/Infrared System
—Electronic Surveillance/Intelligence System

Crew Size:

30.3 knots

-1 hanger
-2 MH-60R Knighthawk helicopters and 2 Fire Scout VTUAV's (or any combination)

-2 155mm. Automated Main Gun Systems
-1/2? 57mm. Close-In Gun Systems
-80cell Mk57 VLS(Standard Missile-3, Standard Missile-6, ESSM, TLAM)
-Torpedoes(Launch Selection Not Known)

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posted on Oct, 25 2004 @ 08:49 PM
thats a BIG ship.....its crazy that they are inventing ships with so much firepower

it might be modified to be the next mobile nuclear launchpad besides the submarines

and this ship actually has cannons to protect itself

posted on Oct, 25 2004 @ 08:51 PM
57 mm is small for a naval gun but it is big for a second gun. The main gun will be 155mm. Also the ship is not that big either. Go look at a carrier.


posted on Oct, 27 2004 @ 02:58 PM

Originally posted by CookieMonster000
it might be modified to be the next mobile nuclear launchpad besides the submarines
Surface ships won't propably ever get any ballistic missiles, those are just too expensive to put on to so vulnerable platform.

And this is what big guns mean:

(those small puffs are 5" guns)

[edit on 27-10-2004 by E_T]

posted on Oct, 27 2004 @ 05:26 PM
I thought DD-X was to be equiped with Rail Guns for primary weapons. Guess I was wrong then.

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