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My personal experience of 2012

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posted on Dec, 27 2012 @ 01:24 PM
Hello ATS,

I have some very interesting insight into 2012 and would like to share my latest encounters. I have read many posts and I am very thankful for the vast amount of knowledge ATS has and hope to add to it.

I would first like to introduce myself. I am an engineer and have been interested in conspiracies and hidden knowledge since the frightful day that is infamously known as 9-11. I have developed a keen sense of reality because of my research. I have also discovered through my journeys that this world we live in is undoubtedly a hologram. I have recently discovered this which has led me to what I am about to inform you about.

My girlfriend and I have each in our own way evolved over the last few weeks.

I- There was a time that I was scared of almost everything. I was described as a coward and awkward by the ones nearest me. I had a very hard time talking to people and viewed everything as pointless. I would tend to ignore things and let problems build without addressing them. I was lost in reality looking for something I could not define.

I found what I was looking for and it began by understand that my ego was severely limiting me. Once I began to go about my daily interactions egoless and aware I began to evolve. I now go throughout my day being in the moment with an un-judgmental attitude. I am a very fair person and no longer have a problem voicing my opinion and making sure my point is herd and clearly understood. I am very happy because of this and I have also started to notice an ability to predict the future.

An example of this is that I have made a list of choirs I need to complete and wrote them each separately on a piece of paper that I then folded and put into a jar to pick out randomly and complete when I have time. This morning I was thinking about two things that I wanted to do that needed to be done. These two things were objectives that I had folded and put in the jar. There are nearly a hundred tasks that I put in this jar. I selected two tasks that were exactly the tasks I wanted to do in the order I wanted to do them.

My lady- I will not go into details about her but she has had a very similar experience and has discover much of what I am describing in her own way.

I hope someone enjoyed what I had to say and I hope everyone has a wonderful new year.

- J

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