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When My Youth Walked Away

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posted on Dec, 25 2012 @ 11:06 PM
Slowly and quietly my mind whispers
the name of my friend and lover.
Their syllables like lines of poetry
breaking free from my memories.

Face sweetened and kept young
by my melody now sung.
Awakened by my call,
you open the door.
My love asks for more,
come and play I implore.

Let’s swim in the river.
Let’s dive underwater and
break the surface with diamonds.
Your skin radiates like the sun,
your hair glistens with tiny streams.

We swim in the same water
and breathe in the same air.
I want to hold you and caress your face,
comb my fingers through your hair.

We lie together on our blanket,
protected from the hot sand.
I see you open your eyes and look at me,
I reach out and hold your hand.

Surrounded by swimmers and bathers
laughing, calling, and splashing.
We are in our own place,
face looking to face.

Love letters written with our looks,
chapters and chapters of love.
Beautiful gardens, fragrant flowers,
gentle breezes and radiant moonlight.

This summer we spent as one
golden tan from the sun.
I memorized every curve
and the scent of your beauty.

I was not able to tell you,
unable to communicate.
Silence filled my mouth
and my youth walked away.

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