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Ode to Love

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posted on Dec, 24 2012 @ 07:52 AM

"Making love in tears"

One of the greatest feelings is that of making Love in tears....not because anything .... but because it's the feeling of the Angel of Love.

It happens and is sublime.

In tears of a love...Dawn breaks above the neon lights

Soon the day dissolves the my tears dissolves the light

tears that caress her emptiness lying in her tenderness

Tears inspite of all I know,

cries oh foolish sin tenderly touching my skin

I can give in .... a tear

can't you see...that my sin is following me

Though you want to stay...oh tear

you're gone before the day

I'll never say those words how could I

Stay with me till the morning and have no fears

of making Love in tears

I've walk the streets alone before

safe I'm locked behind my door

Strong in my believe,

No joy or grieve touches me

because I have no fears

of making Love in tears

But when you close your eyes

Is then I realise

There's nothing left to prove,so darling..oh my dear

It is sublime to make love from a tear

Stay with me till the morning and.... have no fears

of making Love in tears

posted on Dec, 24 2012 @ 10:55 AM
I'm here if you need me sweetie.


posted on Dec, 25 2012 @ 04:38 AM
"Trying to conserve gained power is like trying to catch light in a box ,each time you close the box the light is running out leaving the dark ."

Watch my next thread.

posted on Jan, 21 2013 @ 07:02 AM

And if you cannot stand your tears

and if you have fears

then close your eyes

and let your love flow

to stay with me

when your morning tear

will touch my face very slow

and when the sun will rise

just close your eyes

and stay with me

there is a place where I wanna be.....

...with you


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