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Is there anywhere to watch Storm of the Century for free online?

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posted on Dec, 23 2012 @ 10:51 PM

Originally posted by Wrabbit2000
'The Ring'.

I can't really remember too much of them (seen both original and American version)... unless it was in the original that a little boy showed up on the floor of a car whilst someone was driving (but I'm pretty certain it was another film) that particular scene freaked me out.

If you don't mind watching something uncomfortable, as in the subject, I'll recommend OldBoy, if you haven't seen it. Can't really tell you too much about it, as it would ruin the plot... but it's violent, nasty, uncomfortable, beautiful and amazing. All the characters are such flawed people, but you really feel for them. My favourite film of all time. I also really enjoyed Lady Vengance (again, terrible subject, but great film), although it's no-where near as good as OldBoy (I didn't enjoy Sympathy for Mr Vengance).

And if you like films that freak you out... and this is quite embarrassing... hahahahaha! But the creepiest film I've ever seen is a complete rubbish film (honestly, it's a bunch of terrible rubbish)... but it's also the only film I was glad I wasn't home alone whilst watching. Hahahahaha. The film is called Dead Birds. Starts off as a Western, turns to some sort of psychological thrilled before turning into a horror. Rubbish acting... but my goodness I was scared. Hahahahaha! It's so badly made, you just know something's gonna happen... maybe that's what freaked me out so much.

posted on Dec, 23 2012 @ 11:22 PM
link is where I go to watch anything essentially.

posted on Dec, 24 2012 @ 12:16 AM
reply to post by aspiechick

For most of my life I've enjoyed the graphic and extremely violent stuff. A movie like Predator was too tame while one like The Cell didn't quite go far enough and Untraceable is about right. Errrr..... I dunno quite when my outlook started changing but I'm more back to the point where Predator is a pretty good movie for as much as it did NOT show as what it did, you know?

Of course, for just kinda weird... 28 Days later set a new bar.

In terms of recent movies I won't watch again.... I am Legend hits the top there. That was a great movie except for one part......but I absolutely love dogs and that one part is what literally destroyed the whole movie for me. It was a touching kind of ting in Old Yeller. This wasn't that...not by a long shot.

posted on Dec, 24 2012 @ 09:48 AM

Originally posted by Wrabbit2000
In terms of recent movies I won't watch again.... I am Legend hits the top there.

That just felt plain wrong. like they just added it for the shock factor (I know some could argue the ending on The Mist was added as a shockfactor, but I don;t think they could have done that ending any more perfect).

However Untracable put me off with the kitty in the beginning. I got both dogs and cats, and generally anything that involves anything that hurts animals puts me off instantaniously.

Ooooo - just thought of a film I really, really enjoyed... if only they'd cut it half an hour before they did! A.I. I thought that was a brilliant film, if they'd only stopped it with him sitting on the bottom of the sea, praying to the blue fairy. To me it would have been a perfect film if it ended there.

Again, I loved Jeepers Creepers (saw it at the cinema)... thought they'd done a fantastic job... and then they showed him. Ack!!! If only they'd never actually shown him, it would have been a classic.

The Cell was visually stunning though, and I really enjoyed it due to it's visual beauty. A film that's not so much CGI, but still as much of a visual feast is Brotherhood of the Wolf. I'm so glad I went to the cinema to see it (hardly anyone else did...! Me and OH and just a handful of other's in the theatre).

posted on Dec, 26 2012 @ 09:31 PM
reply to post by aspiechick

I'd forgotten about the cat in the start of untraceable. That was one of the more gruesome movies for human torture too... Disturbing...

I agree about The Mist ending fitting. It really does for that movie, given the general plot lines and side plots relating to those in the last scenes. It a creepy ending to a creepy movie. lol... King is a weird guy. Must be.

I didn't much care for AI.... I think it hits too close to uncomfortable questions we may all have to face someday sooner than we'd think on artificial life and where the definitions are. We'll see when the first computer asks a question it had no basis in programming to ask, right?

Hmmm... The Cell is a toughie... I mean I agree the imagery was stunning and they had some of the most gifted and creative scene producers I've seen outside Indie films. The topic tho... It's sure one of a few I'd say rated an NC-17. The whole point of the movie is a trip into a criminally insane mind and I did feel I'd been there by the end of it. Who came up with that again?

Two others came to mind in general value. We Were Soldiers and Blackhawk down. Nothing political and I'm happy to keep that shut off totally. The authenticity given to We Were Soldiers was powerful though. To learn from those who'd been there, it was pretty much accurate made it memorable above most others. Ditto for Blackhawk down. I'd read a behind the scenes type piece saying the pilots in the movie were actually the 160th SOAR Pilots that fly the aircraft in those real world situations. I love authenticity in movies when topic makes that important.

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posted on Dec, 26 2012 @ 09:42 PM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

Did you ever see Martyrs or A Serbian Film? They're just wrong!

posted on Dec, 26 2012 @ 11:30 PM

Originally posted by Wrabbit2000
We Were Soldiers and Blackhawk down.

Black Hawk Down was brilliant. It was basically a film I was forced to watch. Hahahahahah. But I enjoyed it just as much, if not more that OH.

Sadly I have to admit I've never seen We Were Soldiers... it was the trailer for it that put me off "We will ride into battle and this will be our horse"??? I just couldn't muster up enough enthusiasm to see it after that. OH saw it though, and he said it was fab. His taste in films is generally good, although he doesn't like a Nightmare Before Christmas. Hahahahaha.

We ended up going to blockbuster to see if they had Storm of the Century, which they didn't. Instead we came out with that turned out to be 4 very dissappointing Blu-Rays.

The second Ghostrider film... I lasted 37 minutes before I realised washing the dishes would be more fun that seeing the rest of the film, which is what I chose to do instead of watching the rest of the drivel.

Also got Total Recall (2012)... which wasn't too bad. Not great by any means, but it had a few bits I liked... that it was set on Earth instead of Mars got a thumbs up from me, but other than that I prefered the original.

Then we got The Hunger Games, which was about 2 hours too long... and I couldn't have cared less about the characters, last hour I was kind of hoping they'd all die quickly, including the lead roles... A fantastic alternative is of course Battle Royale!

And as per usual we were complete idiots and got The Darkest Hour... which we'd already seen! It made so little of an impression the first time that we'd forgotten until we started playing it again... and then left it. Some original portrayals of "aliens", but the rest of the film is very forgettable indeed.

posted on Dec, 26 2012 @ 11:41 PM

Originally posted by jasonl1983

Did you ever see Martyrs or A Serbian Film? They're just wrong!

I know the question's not for me... but as I'd ever heard of any of these films I did of course do a google.

Martyrs sounds slightly like Lady Vengeance... slighty... but more more horrific. It did however get some brilliant reviews. I'm not keen on seeing anything for it's shock factor, and noted that a few people compared it to Hostel. But it seems to be a divided line there... some claiming it's nothing like Hostel (I've seen it, wasn't impressed... seemed like a lot of gore without it adding any meaning to the "story"), other's claiming they are similar.

A Serbian Film doesn't sound like my cup of tea at all. When I see people say "there are some scenes that cannot be unseen" I have learnt my lesson! I expected The Human Centipede to be a lot of rubbish (and it was!), but the "Feed her" scene took a long time to dissappear from my mind. *shudders* And with the thought of those scenes involves some sort of horrific act towards kids, I will stay well away.

posted on Dec, 27 2012 @ 01:04 AM
You missed a good film with We Were Soldiers. It's not actually a pro-war movie ....not really anti-war either I suppose. It just shows what happened in the first major engagement of United States and North Vietnamese Army forces. Actually, I thought it showed both sides ...the NVA and our side, well and without demonizing one side or the other. It also showed a truth of the moment so profound ...and sad, knowing how that whole thing would proceed from the events of those few days.

I also understand a lot of tough guys have cried at the end of that movie too.... Just a rumor though I'm sure. Something in the eyes across the theater. lol.... If that scene is what burned ya, you might want to consider another look. It really was what I'd call one of the most powerful movies ever made on the Vietnam War.

BTW.. The Battle of the Ia Drang Valley this was so closely based on was as close to a stand up, outright war like Battle as I think Vietnam likely ever had. So it's not like anything you'd probably seen before........and the part of the movie covering the home front and the wives left behind is also among the most emotionally powerful I've ever seen in a war movie. Very emotional.

posted on Dec, 30 2012 @ 09:58 AM
I found it!!!

No iffy sign up (or credit card details to be given), no suspicious download, no hidden this or that. Just online to view (similar to youtube, just press play and watch). Oooooooo - so happy!

I don't know about the legality of the site (so not posting a link), but they've been around for atleast 2 years (their FB page is two years old), so I'm not feeling too bad watching it there, as I figure if organisations are worried about them, they would have surely shut them down by now, or alternatively made them remove the videos hosted on their site.

Watched the first half last night, and will see the other half tonight. *dances*

posted on Dec, 30 2012 @ 07:10 PM
reply to post by aspiechick

I would say Martyrs deals with revenge superficially whereas the Vengeance trilogy films are pure revenge, also I like the Vengeance films a lot more than Martyrs.

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