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Going North to free the Mind...

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posted on Dec, 23 2012 @ 05:14 PM
Going North to free the Mind

Might want to read this one first...
Thread: Love, Wisdom and Understanding...

Why not make it real
Make it for real

Fire free

Caught up in illusion
Even your soul held into captivity
Believing the unreal
Following only a lie

From the gateway of the Heart
Swirling dance of truth
That fire burn so truth
Let go
Let go and flow
To the mind
To bring back the light
The light of the world

You fly pass the seat of the control
Words upon word
Lie upon lie
This world is like an onion
Layer after layer
Until there is nothing left
Nothing except that what is you
True YOU
Hold on to the innermost
Hold on to your true intention
You can get through
You will get through

The eye
Seeing all
Connected with the dim lights of manifestation
Connected with the lower mind of control
The controllers dance their last dance of lies
The veil is broken
Word upon word
Lie after lie
You see it true
Flowing free
Crystal clear
From within your heart
Truth shines through

Illusion melts
Masks will pass
Roles will end

What is real will stay
What is you will be

Inside out
Perception altered
Aligning with reality

Our true Source dawning
One life
Many forms connected
One Mother
One Father
One Void
One true World
Through and from YOU

You make it real
Understanding what is real
Embracing what is truly you
Flying pass the traps of the minds and the souls
See the eye melting away
No more control
No more power games
You see the real eye
Of love and light
Meeting you in YOU
At this moment
It becomes real
You become real

Embrace the Fire Lotus
Golden, red and white
Embrace the truth within you
Your mind is fire free
This is what's meant to be

The true light in your mind connects with the flame of truth in your heart
The heart-mind happens
True wisdom, true understanding, true knowledge
True love
True joy
You are not alone

What is real dawns inside you
Dawns and stays

A moment of love

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