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Intense dream into astral projection attempt

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posted on Dec, 23 2012 @ 02:49 AM
A little backstory - Earlier in the evening, my friend's mother contacted me telling me she couldn't get a hold of my friend and asked me for his girlfriends phonenumber (as he was over there last). I texted them both asking if it was alright for her to have it and then didnt think anything more of it.

Going to bed a few hours later I felt a bit restless and bothered (by something else - I assume - unrelated, that had just happened) and had trouble sleeping for the first time in months. At around 6am, my dog woke the house up, crying with poop everywhere etc so I went downstairs to sort her out and then went back up to bed. I lay awake for sometime browsing ATS and then eventually lay down. Before I went to sleep I texted his girlfriend again because she's more likely to reply. Still no reply from either of them but I haven't read much into it because they barely ever text back (long story).

This is where things get interesting. I had a very vivid dream that isnt important but once I realised it was a dream I came to and didn't really feel sleepy but I had this loud buzzing in my head and felt like I could fall asleep again if that makes sense. So I turned over and this other dream started.

In the dream the setting was the complete same as my room just before I fell asleep, except there was this screen hovering above and infront of me. The screen was a little bigger than an iPad. On it, I was receiving a few messages from my 'missing' friend set in the style of ATS posts. It started off like

hey chris
things have changed

and then he said a lot of other stuff quickly that I didnt have time to read but I remember saying to him "this is a dream" and then I briefly woke up. The loud buzzing/ringing in my head was still there so I closed my eyes and immediately fell back asleep. The screen appeared infront of me again and I felt like I was looking up as far as I could without moving my head, except I knew my eyelids were closed. This time I intended to read the messages that were still there; however, for some reason I became extremely interested in the dates. Starting from the bottom message, the date was around 2x-7x-2070, the next one up was like xx-xx-2022. I realised 7x makes no sense but that's what I saw. There was more but I didnt check them, instead I looked at his username which was something irrelevant and I felt like it was coming from my head if that makes sense. Next I can't really remember if this is entirely true or if the dream just 'ran out', but I think what woke me up was my family moving around upstairs.

So after this I was lying in bed and a little disappointed that I didn't read the messages so once again I fell asleep expecting to see the screen. Instead I saw what looked like a smallish black and yellow warning-style sticker infront of me which immediately disappeared. I had a hot flash of sweat and woke up again. At this point I felt like I wouldn't be seeing the screen again but I still felt the loud buzzing in my head and I still felt the same feeling. So I closed my eyes again and had an idea to start trying to astral project.

At first I felt like I was moving my arm without actually moving it like I've read all over the internet many years before. And then I felt it in my other and I was getting a bit excited and breathing heavily so I calmed down and started again. I really feel like everything was going perfectly right then, until a thought went through my head and I got scared and lost it, and then someone made some noise downstairs and the whole thing went away, the buzzing included

Thanks for reading if you did
. I wrote this down as much for a record for myself and to share with everyone.

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