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The Conspiracy of fear, hate, distraction and addiction AKA life

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posted on Dec, 22 2012 @ 08:13 PM
Today i will expose the biggest conspiracy of them all, and the people behind it. I do this because i love myself and i love you all, and it is about time someone do this, so please enjoy

First, lets take a look at the big picture.

Our current situation:

The Earth is divided into 200+ countries, each of these countries have their own set of rules, leaders and population.

ALL of these countries have some major problems, like war, debt, poverty, hunger, ect.

NONE of these countries has a working infrastructur, and are ALL struggling to feed the poor, cure the sick, take care of the elders, educating the young etc.

We can all agree on this, NOTHING is as it should be, and the easiest way to describe this, is to ask this question:

What is actually working just fine in our society??
Can someone answer me this? Anyone??

The only thing i can think of, that actually works as attended, is the big corperations, made to create profit for their owners... ...They work just fine...

So why aint nothing working as it should?

The Problem:

Well, we all know the problem is money
but let me explain anyway...

The unemployment is higher than ever in most of the world, so it is NOT because we dont have the workforce to take care of the elders, cure the sick, teach the young, feed the hungry etc. we just dont have enough money to pay them...

Our technology has taken a huge leap forward, and with the internet we can share information with each other instantly, so it is NOT because we lack the know how, to build the things we need to take care of our elders, cure the sick, teach the young, feed the hungry etc. we just dont have enough money to build them... or someone have a patent on an idea, so no one else can use it, because they want to make a profit...

It is NOT because we dont have the resources to take care of our elders, cure the sick, teach the young, feed the hungry etc. we have just decided to make the goal of everything we do, profit instead quality.
So everything we build, are made out of poor quality, to keep it cheap.
Its Made with a low lifespan to ensure we come back and buy again. to earn more profit.
Huge amount of resources are spend on commercials, to make sure we buy more - all for profit.
Huge amount of resources are spend on goverments/police/laws etc. To make sure we dont steal money and dont get money we dont deserve.

So we can all agree that money is the problem, or more the lack of money.

So what are money??
Well money is nothing more than numbers on a screen, coins made of cheap metal, and paper printed with numbers on them...
We CANT take care of the elders, cure the sick, teach the young, feed the hungry etc. with them, because it is just paper...
Money have NO value, it is ONLY worth something, because someone wants to own them.
The value of money is determined by how many that wants to buy them, and are regulated by the banks, who also prints and loan out the money, to the countries, so we have something to trade with.

Money is power, because it control people, and can make people do ANYTHING, if they are paid enough money to do it. Just like the ring of power from lord of the rings, it takes control of people, because when we have money, we have power.

The Conspiracy:

We all know how bad things are, most of the world are suffering under war, poverty and hunger, so how come we allow all these things to happen, when we have the power to do something about it??

There is a real conspiracy going on, and some of the main ingredients are Fear, Hate, Distraction and Addiction. Fear being the main contribution to the problem.

This is how it works:

Humanity is divided by borders, and we are raised to love the country we are born in. This seperates us, and creates fear of war, losing jobs, resources and MONEY to other countries. But that is just the start of it!

We are also divided by religion and believes. This seperates us even further, and creates more fear, and know a country is divided by believes.

The same with politics, sport, work etc. The more we put people into groups, the more divided we become.

So how come this creates fear? Most people dont have a problem with other countries, religions etc.

Take a look at the Big Picture - We CANT take care of the elders, cure the sick, teach the young, feed the hungry etc. ...Unless, we have power (Money)

This make us go into "surviving mode" or "Panic mode"
Since there aint enough money to go around, we dont trust others with power/money, and we will do almost everything to hold this power ourself. This makes us corrupt.

This "panic mode" is a defence system, created before we had all this new technology, before whe ruled the earth. It is from a time full of danger, when we didnt have time to think, but needed to act fast.
When we are in panic mode, we dont think, but take the first solution we get.

This is how others are able to control you. This is how goverments/religions/Companys etc can take away the power from you. They promise a solution to you fears, and in exchange you give them control of YOU.

This is how commercials works. Turn on the TV and watch the news, it is full of people doing sick things, things you will be affraid of, followed by commercials, filled with images of happy people, happy because they use some product. You dont want the fear, so you buy the happy. We are affraid of not being a part of the happy, so we do anything to fit in, and we get suspicious if people dont follow the group, then they are not part of the happy...

We all know that things are not right, we should be able to make it work. So we need someone to blame, and since we are divided, there are plenty of groups to blame. It must be the muslims, christian, jews, democrats, repulicans, banksters, drugs, Marilyn Manson, weapons ect. - There is always someone or something to blame.

The world is full of fear, that makes us hate, and seek distraction and in turn this makes us addicted. The addiction can be everything, drugs, food, sex, workout, tv you name it, anything that can make us forget our fears. Our fears becomes taboo.

I promised to expose the people behind this conspiracy, and here it comes:

So who is to blame??


We are all to blame. I know some of you would have hoped i would say CEO´s, Politicans, Illuminati or something like that. But it is not there faul, we are ALL playing by the same rules. We ALL work for them and we ALL seek the same thing: POWER/MONEY

We vote, buy crap products, and blame others for the problems, we give away REAL power for money and protection, we are ALL part of the problem.

But there is a solution
All we have to do, is take back our power, dont give in to you fears.
Say NO to thinks you dont agree on, forgive yourself and forgive others - we all seek the same, security and freedom, remember that, and then allow others to be different, you can ONLY control your own life - we are ALL equal! Lets us be the 100% and work for the common good.

I forgive you ALL for the things you done, and i ask you to please forgive me for things i have done.
Let past be past, we need to unite and change the world for the better, please help me with this - all we have to do, is to be posivite, then solutions will come

Iam looking forward to here your comments on this, and i will be happy to answer all the questions you have

posted on Dec, 22 2012 @ 08:26 PM
Just go vegan. It's called being an activist in almost all of your problems stated above. Act upon your words, don't be a bigot.

posted on Dec, 22 2012 @ 08:32 PM

Originally posted by ScaryWorld
Just go vegan. It's called being an activist in almost all of your problems stated above. Act upon your words, don't be a bigot.

Thanks for your input
Please read the OP again and tell me why you think i dont act upon my words??
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