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Written with FEAR spoken with LOVE

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posted on Dec, 22 2012 @ 05:52 PM
My rhythm came in a dream, it was a vision of a prison with a shadow hidden unseen,
It spoke of a biological machine, never seen,
beyond the comprehension of the dream, what it means-
The devil has a firm hold, controlled as you sell your soul for gold,
your her to evolve to resolve any question unsolved which revolved round the cold of the untold soul.
Iv been here before, i know what i seen but i don’t no what it means, then i saw, it hit me hard to the floor, hit me hard to the core.
Forget what you got tort, its a war, control of the poor war, ignore as they prepare more to get tricked to pay for a staged terrorist war.
Its time to poses a divine frame of mind, unearth and underline the undefined, redesign the time of the underlying mind, sacrifice an live behind the blind game played in the mainframe domain of the fright train, your living in the end game.
No shame the suicide to come alive an embrace a race of hatred an false face, but the point i wont to make is you can never escape your fate if you make this mistake an miss place your faith in the hast of the rat race, your living in a mouse trap, living in a house that holds you back, tvs tech attack, sick of that! now set me free.
Every household ova land and sea, its no quinadence we have all got 3, living in a world of conformity, confusion, trapped in the illusion of reality, controlled mentality, predicted personality, stress and brutality, its cowardly.
Now be like me, star tv, fake wife, fake life an no responsibility, bit on the side and time flys bye,
You start asking why? what its like to die? are you going to wake up on the other side when you lived a life an haven’t even tried? are you going to cry when you die because sum ones being sly? are you going to die in pain blood rushing from your vain? are you going to die in shame or top of your game? but you still came, knowing your be gone. Did you live your life right or wrong?
Do you listen to the priests as they preach their religious speech as we crowd like sheep an follow the deceit to keep the peace and the freedom we seek, it speaks for its self controlled mentality
an bad for your health never silent but always stealth the violent remindent of the power of wealth, see for your self.
You stand up proud with your head up in the cloud, im the wild, loud, unspoken child an i valed to tern this world upside down, to be the talk of every town as i frown upon the one religious song, the twisted man hes got it all wrong because what’s odd is the only god travels along with a firing squad not a lightning rod.
Away in a manger, it was just a dark stranger, the old park ranger but you cant blame her, he tamed her, change her to a bed an #ed her till she was half dead, she lost he cred so they said;
its a message from lord! shes bin stored with a little reword as they snip the umbilical cord an blood pored, is faith now restored as we step to the made up lord? well im bored so i speak the truth, a truth witch is true but truer than who? a truth that cant be sold or told because its older than you, a truth which you hold in the hart that you sold in the mold made to evolve you to,
a heartless consumer consuming all of you, a heartless consumer with a brain dead view.
The pain that we go through, the lengths that we go to an you just stand at the side an ask why, watch people die, shed a tear, begin to cry an you still ask why? change the channel or close your eyes you cant handle the next surprise,
its a stupid dip # lipstick wearing little prick gold chains planes #s an dicks fake tits just big pricks!
what the # you selling!
what the # you buying? this attitude were you can say # to trying, self denying stay in bed an get your lying, il stand strong an die trying!
so why do we except these corporate guys, corporate suits an corporate ties, corporate tongs with corporate lies, corporate devils lie disguised, leading us to are demise, like flys round # we except their lies to justify the reasons why we cant be bothered to even try but for as long as im still standing il keep expanding on my contrabanding understanding of an underlining satanic design,
want an greed instead of ours an need is why your so blind, its not their world, its yours! its mine! its fighting time.
BUT council estate youth systematically abused an proved to be amused as they run confused an intrude in JD sports instead of food, these dalooded youths excluded you, eluded the truth an you conclude its their fault, bombarded with gangster cults, everyday portrayed to these young adults to persuade the unpaid to live life by the dominating blade, living life as a dominating slave as the dominated sit fearful in their caves, its the BBCs latest crime waves.
so fear is death an love is life an we live in fear underneath a dominators knife dominating the world an terminating life.
I will no longer be a fearful slave i will believe in myself an believe that i will see better days so let me start with a love letter for better ways...


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