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lets get back to what ATS is about or at least what i thought it was about

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posted on Dec, 22 2012 @ 04:14 PM
I recently posted a thread about the fact that 2012 was made up by the media based on coincidences. not going to lie i hoped something at least would happen , but unfortunately not, same old same old.

I may not be some well known world leader or even well know on ATS, but i think some one needs to say what the majority wont or haven't said yet.

we all need to wake up and stop guessing whats going to happen and present the facts, we need to stop worrying what may happen or what we think will happen and get a grip of ourselves

i joined ATS to look deeper into everything . this is the place where we can share the facts that we are not given by the media, we are the challengers to the brain washing and misleading of the world as we know it. and all i seem to see are peoples theory's and or far out ideas about absolutely nothing . i'm not in anyway disrespecting those peoples believes , in fact i think its good to believe in something

i am how ever calling out to all of the ATS ers , we all want to know whats going on with everything but lets get the facts and not make assumptions that don't help any of us ,

we have the chance going past 2012 to move away from ridiculous accusations death and destruction , as-well as change and ascension , deep down in all of us we know its not the truth ,

lets set out from now on to find the truth.

p.s good things going into the new year for you all.


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