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City Lights

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posted on Dec, 22 2012 @ 03:43 PM
Deep in the ocean in the darkest depths where no one has ever been behind the majestic mountains of the water is the City of Lights.

It's also known as the City of Secrets.

In this magnificent city with streets bathed in golden and pure white light you cannot know when is day or night because this city never sleeps.

High buildings and beautiful houses this city have.If you walk on his streets you can find all kind of people generally good people.

Beautiful music can be heard on every corner of this city day and night,I mean day and day because lights are on ,24 hours a day.

But what you can draw attention in particular are houses lighted in that golden light with large windows,pure crystal made windows, where you can see inside elegantly dressed people sitting at tables beautifully arranged taking dinner having civilized discussions on different subjects,but always nice talking to each other.

The mayor of this city is a good person he works hard for his city to keep this magical atmosphere alive.Also this city has a council that is designed to take care on every aspect concerning that peace and order as well as cleaning to be kept at levels were life it's a pleasure to be lived.

But sometimes for different reasons some of the houses remain in the dark without light,but this it seems to be no problem because in this magnificent city new houses appear every day and usually each citizen have more than one house where they can move , or so they say but this is kept in the records of the city hall that almost no one can see.

Therefore you can not see very well if city lights has lost some of its shine,I mean the lights seem to shine at the same intensity maybe only at a closer look you can see if the golden light has changed a bit because of changing position by interpolating the lights of the City.

This is the reason that today the way you see the light shining all over the city depends on the angle from which you look.
But the city is still beautiful and in his splendor he can be more than he was before if some of this houses that are in darkness now will be lighted again some day to bring more light in...the City of Lights.

posted on Dec, 25 2012 @ 05:34 AM
reply to post by piequal3because14

Ho Ho Ho

i know this fantastic City!

when around, i am always attracted to the splendid lights of this place that holds indeed mysterious secrets that keep me in sheer cruel suspense. i grew very fond of it; its Mayor, the Council Workers, its Inhabitants and Tourists and the many theatres and hotels - and - i always stayed Mystified.

Church Bells for Christmas - may they bring joy and chase away any evil if any should linger in the streets of this beautiful city

may glorious messages of angels’ trumpets fill every house with integrity and may the electricity to dark houses be restored as to the plan of the gracious Mayor - may he live for ever!

may the lights shine brighter than ever with the most brilliant light

we wish this City of Great Lights
a wonderful ChristmasDay
all the very Best for the Future

posted on Dec, 25 2012 @ 02:39 PM
reply to post by derWeihnachtsmann

may glorious messages of angels’ trumpets fill every house with integrity and may the electricity to dark houses be restored as to the plan of the gracious Mayor - may he live for ever!
I totally agree with those stated Above and I am sure that the Emotion of the Holidays will fill your hearts with Joy and Hope and...Happyness.

I am very Emotioned thinking that electricity indeed may be restored to those houses that are without light now,that will be great because....who gives Light here on Earth he will have Light in Heaven.

Oh and Blessed be the Mayor of this great City of Lights...Eternal Lights

for the eternal Glory of this great City


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