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2nd amendment, NWO, Revolution, Anti-Gun Lobby

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posted on Dec, 22 2012 @ 02:03 PM
With the many threads recently posted on the 2nd amendment concerning the recent school shootings I am getting kind of frustrated. The common argument by the pro gun lobby is the 2nd amendment and that this is needed to protect the populace from the government. Then comes the NWO threads woven in etc. Naturally the citing of dictatorships and their atrocities because the poor citizens had no guns.
Now with our governments having all those modern fancy "non-lethal" weapons, microwave induced shocks, sound devices that can render entire masses defenseless, how on earth do the pro gun guys believe they can go against this stuff with a simple AR?
Now if anyone has studied a bit history, one of the most bloodiest revolution was after all the French one, and the masses had NO guns. Other revolutions can be cited over and over again. Given the fact that the criminals will always have guns and or get easy access to them and even bigger than just your 9mm, then in a mass revolt, where is the real supply dilemma? Any manual on resistance shows step by step HOW a people or revolutinary army can optain weapons, namely form the same guys they fighting against. So if a country/people really WANT a change in government and see no other choice but an armed uprising, then there are many ways to get these things they need. Especially in the industrialized world with so much surveilance, with so much other "non leathal" items and systems used, a good computer hacker disabling the cctv system is a lot more valuabble than 100 guys with rifles.
Where there is a WILL there is also a WAY. So why can't the 2nd amendment crowd undertsand that there has to be a better way to screen people before giving them guns? It's like insisting that blind people should drive! All the gun restriction guys want is that gouns should be in the hands of people that KNOW and have the mental stability and responsibility to handle them savly and responsible. Its like to me the 2nd amenders sound like a blind man insisting that it is his RIGHT to own and drive a car, also he can see not a bit of a road. What the victims families want is keep the guns out of the hands of nutcases! Is this so hard to grasp?
And if you are soo affraid of a NWO, better learn how to outsmart the surveilance apperatus, how to go against these new weapons of mass immobilization, and to forth. IF you want a revolution then organize and DO it. Becuase if TSHTF really happens, sitting at home with wife and kids "Allone" and not being organized will cause the very same to happen anyhow, just delayed by a few hours depending on your ammo stash.
And on top of it, if there is a sense of the need of revolution, then also the loyalty of the armed forces will split. After all the american oath does have a line to defend the contitution against ALL enemies Foreign and DOMESTIC. So if TSHTF, some units will decide that it's time to defent against DOMESTIC enemies.
Is this so hard to grasp?

posted on Jan, 8 2013 @ 06:58 AM

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