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New alternative news station online now.....

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posted on Dec, 22 2012 @ 02:00 PM
No I am not affiliated in any way with it.

I received an email that they were up and running and thought that those of you who don't believe the MSM might be interested in checking it out (as I am).

Here is the link for those interested.

Next News Network

Here is the list of guests....

1:30 PM Robert Scott Bell

2:00 PM Tom Woods

2:30 PM James Lane
3:00 PM Wayne Walton
3:30 PM George Sand
4:00 PM Adam Kokesh

4:15 PM Alan Korwin

4:30 PM Larry Pratt
5:00 PM Mark Lerner
5:30 PM Amber Lyon
6:00 PM Tony Stiles
6:30 PM Michael Boldin
7:00 PM Fabian Calvo
7:30 PM Lew Rockwell
8:00 PM John Dennis
8:30 PM Ernie Hancock
9:00 PM Jordan Page

10:15 PM Charles Goyette
11:00 PM Patrick Wood

11:30 PM James Corbett


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