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Red Lights & Human Mind Fields

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posted on Dec, 22 2012 @ 01:24 PM
If anyone has seen "Red Lights" the movie, my experiences have been somewhat similar to that though not quite as frightening. Often I feel their are elemental forces running this planet, not necessarily all bad.

I tried to cure my mother of her delusions. We stayed up late drinking coffee, and I realized she feels possessed. I have been helping her a lot, though not enough to prevent her from believing scary things.

I became so fearless for a time, that any unusual event would not phase me but I could question it. Not so, recently I am becoming frightened. I want an explanation. It's becoming too hard to simply be a pacifist or believe in God.

I want someone to write a textbook explanation of why it's happening, my only guess is that it has to do with electromagnetic wave frequencies and alternate dimensions? I also feel there are angelic forces protecting me, out of love. But, perhaps what they called schizophrenia was the true nature of reality, one they could not see.

But I am still in awe, it is beautiful. I remember a time when it seemed impossible to change the world for the better.

Luckily I ignored the man on the TV, and he's never talked to me. Mostly, it happens with older people. They jump up and tell me things, but check out my cool theory!

Life is organic consciousness, and all of our actions cause a pattern that creates what we see. So, what is this conscoiusness? It's the core of life, your soul, but we have to act in unison or else it becomes chaotic. So, maybe someday we will have a balanced world. One where people act in unison. Right now, the only way to acheive world peace would be through this vortex in thought. But it could be used for corruption as well.

I bet the powerful scientists have a better explanation of this strange anomoly. But, I still think that people are completely attached to powerful algorithms, and that the whole world may be at the root, a simple mathematical algorithm. People call it the matrix, because it makes the most sense to them. It's much bigger and better than that.
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posted on Dec, 22 2012 @ 01:49 PM
I stopped at, "its becoming too hard to believe in god". Nobody said it was easy. Take your lumps bro, the lesson lies underneath.

posted on Dec, 22 2012 @ 03:21 PM
I have been diagnosed with delusional disorder and my uncle has schizophrenia. Know that these are just labels of a common error of thought. It manifests as a disorder in people who have greater visualization and intelligence. I have essentially cured myself through 2 years of non stop study of occult literature to gain an understanding of what the wise understood of mankind. Know that current science is deluded and the entire state of Earth culture could be said to be fully in a state of mental disorder. I'll try to break down the principles that helped me grasp onto "reality". Know that life is a process of overcoming and that you should never consider yourself in a position ideal for complacency.

God exists as merely a pure elemental consciousness. Consider your ability to think as a part of your make up like any other. For example, iron exists in the earth in a greater form than in your body. A lightening bolt is greater than the electrical impulses in your nerves. God is the greater thought that exists in the universe. Imagine thinking all things at all times and being in connection with all things forever.

The human form was made to heal, thrive, and blossom on positive energy and to become sick, wither, and die from negative energy. The pure consciousness is the idealization of "life" and cannot experience "death" or negative thought.

All of your reactions to experiences are trained responses to imagined realities. You have created the entire world around you. You actually don't even know anyone. The people, places, and things around you are only forms you have imagined as an overlay of the reality you desire to understand. Know this, because your central operating force is the imagination/consciousness you are incapable of living in the precise, true, and tangible world. Your body lives in that place, but your mind does not and never will. Separate your thoughts from the world around you. Let your body do the only thing it is able to and that is speak to you as an advisor. Intuition is irrelevant in the world of your body. It knows light, dark, hot, cold, sweet, sour, pleasure, hard and soft, sound, silence and that is it. It always obeys you and you do not obey it. Obedience to the body is an illusion. A practiced mind does not even have to acknowledge the sense of pain.

Those things being said, let us look to the mind. The mind is just a bunch of fantasies. Everyone suffers from delusion. The delusions of the mind are only called into question when they become a problem for the individual or an individual in relationship with him/her. The past only exists to prove a point. So when considering what part of your past is worth your time you must ask yourself what point you want to prove. For me I have essentially just deleted my past because I don't need it. I am who I am at this moment and it doesn't matter what brought me here because I am already a finished product of yesterday. What you look to becomes your mirror. If you look at the past then the present becomes a replica of your past and you trap yourself and therefor mandate that your future simply be a repetition of the past.

Accept that when it comes to your mind the only truth there is consists of the thoughts that advance you in happiness. Love is true and fear is not. It doesn't matter what the world around you says to your body because you are not your body. Your body might need to know what pain is. You do not.

A proverb that might come in handy is this, "Love covers all sins." This means that no one, not even yourself, can do anything wrong if you accept this helpful point of view. You will start to let go of what others might be thinking or thinking of you. You will stop abusing yourself. This is all self abuse, because as I stated before, you don't know what anyone else is. You only know what you have made them to be in your mind. So even if someone is what you currently think to be "mean" all you have to do is release them from judgment. Let them be and don't imagine they are trying to hurt you. Hold onto the concept of immortality, that no one can hurt you and simply erase what you do not like. Create the perfect world in your mind, let it fit into the world in a way that is functional. Beware of going to far or being too impractical or your body will suffer the consequences of overly positive deranged thoughts. Don't go around telling people that you're the god Apollo and imagining that you can walk around in fire pits without getting burned. However, if you did that while observing the other rules correctly you'd still die happy. That's the point of this, happiness, is that what you want? Then know that it is impossible for you to "KNOW" and that you're just living in a dream. If you suffer it is by your own hand and if you prosper the same thing goes. You are the king of your mental playground. Have fun with it. Don't take the realm of your mind and turn it into hell when it could be heaven. Enjoy life.
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posted on Dec, 22 2012 @ 03:48 PM
After thinking a bit I deemed it appropriate to add something about what to avoid. Don't seek authority over things. If you want power over something then you have to take responsibility for it. This power is false, you cannot control much of anything. Even someone who makes a battery doesn't really physically charge it with electricity. They just take things and put them together and nature does the rest. Respect that nature is in control of other people, places, and things and you cannot be. Once you take responsibility for something you need to protect it and in protecting something comes fear of harm against it. Just do what you can to work with nature and trust that nature does what is fit from that point on. If things go wrong then just do what you can to improve them but know that you are always a helper and an assistant but not an owner.

posted on Dec, 29 2012 @ 04:46 PM
reply to post by kalinda

Hey I just wanted to say this was a great read! This is more like poetry and I enjoyed it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Op.

posted on Jan, 4 2013 @ 01:14 PM
reply to post by 33vibe

I found your comments really interesting, especially the bit about taking ownership over things. We all do this to some extent, then beat ourselves up when we cant control things.

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