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Bulletproof kids, armed techers, armed security or ban all guns?

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posted on Dec, 26 2012 @ 12:52 PM

Originally posted by SiglenDyn
They should have an armed security guard at the front entrance in an office and, the only way to enter the school would be through that office. All doors could maybe have a key-less entry where teachers would have to enter a code to get in. Obviously you guys have to do something to protect your children. Whether they take your guns away or not, the bad guys will always be able to get them regardless.

I would not have my kids in a Prison Like School.
That's just ridiculous.

posted on Dec, 26 2012 @ 12:53 PM
Is anyone even listening?

How long more is mankind to continue to ply over holes at every rung upwards as perceived progress, and create an unstable humanity for us all to live in?

How long more is mankind to live in selfish and apathetic delusions, that accounts for 100% of our retardation, by NOT resolving ROOT issues of MENTAL HEALTH instead blaming guns and security?

How long more can we ignore those holes, just as in the Tetris game, as the issues pile up with an increasing population, before it overwhelms us all and man-made GAME OVER befalls us all?

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posted on Dec, 26 2012 @ 01:46 PM

Originally posted by SeekerofTruth101
How long more can we ignore those holes, just as in the Tetris game, as the issues pile up with an increasing population, before it overwhelms us all and man-made GAME OVER befalls us all?

Is the answer Trance, or Tetris? A combination of both, maybe?

The problem is in the concept of “us“ and “all-ness.“ The idea that someone on the other side of the country or world wants to regulate my life, anyone's life, because is does not conform to their standards or beliefs; or that we must sacrifice a degree of ourselves or our rights to better accommodate the whole. That is why the idea of “fixing“ the population's mental health issue is a road that should be tread upon very carefully, lest we find ourselves calling those whom disagree with the majority “insane.“

As for the subject at hand, I agree with all but banning guns. It will only embolden the criminals, and make criminals of those who are normally law-abiding.

posted on Dec, 27 2012 @ 11:05 AM
reply to post by ClementWinters

Like you, I too have my concerns about the mental health issues. My fear is that once mental health issues are finally acknowledged as the direct cause of mass slayings as well as crime, then those whom are seeking pyschological healing or taking medicines will be tarred with the same brush and discriminated, even bullied by communities, which may result in them from being non violent into becoming violent one day. When a mouse is cornered, it will bare its fangs.

Mentally ill people are fellow humans too, and need our help. NONE, must be left behind as we progress. It is the violently insane ones that we need to watch out for.

There are those whom have mental issues and are never violent, except to rant and rave, and then when confronted, would run and hide away.

There are also those whom temporary allow their emotions take control over rationality and sanity, and in that blindness lash out violently without a care or a thought, but when they calm down, they go into deep shock and remorse.

Then there those whom see shadows following them everywhere and at every corner, who had completely lost ALL sanity and logic, whom will just snap and conduct those mass slaughtering of innocents with a smile.

It could be anyone of us who may go totally insane one day - a cleaner, a workperson, a student, more frightening would be a priest or clergy or rich man for they have funds and influence to carry out greater threats to humanity, and the worst will be political leaders who have access to military might.

Thus, mental health is the most critical issue of our times, as evident by the numerous slayings with or without guns around the world, and this is the issue we mankind must address.

We need to know what to watch out for, as mental illness is not a hidden sickness, but fully evident within close social circle if not within communities, and help to rehabilitate, to save not only innocent lives, but theirs as well. Mental illness CAN be treated, but it must be acknowledged personally first. Violent behaviour are often the first signs.

High time the mental health research institutes, industries. school administrations, family units and UN WHO goes on a high drive to resolve mental health issues, than to cover it with a blanket such as banning guns which will NOT resolve slaughters of innocents as there are more dangerous daily appliances that can do that job than guns.

Just a humble match stick on dry grass, or a gas lighter strucked upon an apartment filled with intentionally leaked cooking gas will equally kill innocent people as much, if not more. Even a simple sound of 'fire' screamed out loud in a cinema can cause stampede deaths.

The Tetris game of slayings is now game on. Let see how many levels mankind can go on blindly without resolving root issues before GAME OVER - man made end of our civilisations.
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posted on Dec, 28 2012 @ 06:27 AM

Originally posted by Biigs
There are bullet proof backpacks available for kids now and sales went it up, unsupprisingly.

Armed teachers, with cases of teachers abusing their pupils would it be wise to arm them?

Armed security guards and checkpoints in every school?

Attempt to ban guns against the 2nd amendment?

I believe theres just simply are too many guns in the USA now, both illegal and legal. People will always be able to get a gun if they try, and unlike the war on drugs, guns arnt "consumed", once you have one you have it for life so even if banning all gun ownership was even an option criminals would be better armed than law abiding folks - thats right out (and against the 2nd amendment).

Im so confused as to the right course of action but you also cant do nothing about massacres of the USA youth and degradation of the school system.

Is there actually a right thing to do, or a combination of things to do? or perhaps even nothing at all? Im just so lost with all the media coverage from every angle - or is the hidden plan to make SURE everyones confused about it all.

I believe the USA should go to war against countries whose citizens think they can demand the disarmament of America. For any redcoat wonder, right now isn't a good time for any English or British redcoat to visit the States.

But since the redcoats want to start interfering in America's way of life, how about we start looking at the Brits way of life: STOP THE INBREEDING, BACK BREEDING AND LINE BREEDING! Seriously has anyone looked at pictures of British citizens, they seriously have a major problem on their hands.

posted on Dec, 28 2012 @ 06:34 AM

Originally posted by Merinda
The UK has guns, just like Germany and France and Italy and in Switzerland about every male has an assault rifle.

True, less guns per capita than the US, but the murder rate in Europe with a gun is lower by a factor larger than that of gun ownership. Meaning although there are less guns than in the US there is not less gun violence, there is far far far less gun violence.

So to achieve the rates of gun violence we see in Europe, the same measures must be taken. Meaning not guns must be banned, but the way they are stored and used must be regulated. In Germany and I am sure in other countries too, you are obligated to keep the gun in a gun cabinet that fulfills certain standards. Then there are regulations on moving guns too. Gun control does not mean no guns.

HAHAHAHAHAHA, cute way of manipulating the data. Typical though. Like how the USA has a higher infant mortality rate, because the USA is one of the only countries that records a newborns death as a death if they where born alive(many European countries record the newborns death as "stillborn" if they die a few hours/day's outside of the womb).

Why don't you include all the assault and murder in Europe and not just the gun crime? Ohh thats rights because the facts aren't as pretty for the Euro-landers. Murder is murder and assault is assault, regardless if someone uses their fists, feet, knives or guns.

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