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This is seriously beginning to bother me!

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posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 08:15 PM
Alrighty, I am not trying to beat a dead horse here, and if you're one of the members who will simply post a comment such as "Oh look another one of these threads," please move along because comments like that have a tendency to derail a thread rather quickly.

I'll make this short and sweet. With all the rabble-rabble of gun control enthusiasts as well as gun fanatics happening, am I the only one that sees a gaping hole in the debate?

Okay, so we can debate these cute little ideologies that apply to an 'ideal world' such as "If guns are illegal, no one will get hurt!" but it isn't that simple. Mainly because we live in the real world, where the unexpected seems to almost be the norm.

Has anyone noticed that while the pro-gun and anti-gun people are debating, they seem to miss out on an entire platform of details? Such as the fact that our government was arming Mexican drug cartels? How about the countless number of children that have been killed by drone strikes, or by the sanctions that were placed on Iraq under the Bush administration?

Why is it, that in America when a "mass shooting" happens (I suppose all the shootings that happen in inner-cities aren't news worthy enough, those people most not be important enough or something), the news immediately grabs onto it, glamorizes it, and CONSTANTLY reply it. But better yet, they don't even acknowledge the heroic efforts that sometimes occur in these instances. Instead, it's straight-up fear mongering on the Alex Jones level.

CONSTANT bombardment of pictures of the shooter, his mental diseases, home life and how they are 'deranged,' etc, etc, etc. Yet at the same time, the news doesn't even remotely cover issues such as F&F, Waco, yeah, you get the idea.

This goes to show that people only care about lives being lost when it's not a State sponsored attack. My generation, the idiotic teenagers who are absolutely enthralled by mass-media distractions are the most hypocritical people on the face of this Earth. One day, they post a million statuses on their social media talking about how these innocent children didn't deserve this, then the next day simply ignore the fact that their President is murdering innocent men, women, and children overseas.

You know what the best part of all of this is?

I, am the bad guy. When I begin to talk about the innocent lives lost, everyone suddenly lashes out with the rebuttle of "Man how can you be so heartless. All you're using is this tragedy to push your voice and further politicize this country." No, 'man,' I'm not. It's the fact that I have a very serious problem with people sitting around and talking about how "bad this world has become," when those very people are the brainwashed idiots who have the intellectual capacity of a wet carrot.

It's like only American lives matter in American eyes. It's absolutely sickening, and I am seriously fed up with it. It's incredibly hypocritical, to talk about how "sad and unfortunate it is for innocent children to die who didn't deserve it," then simply (pardon the vernacular but my generation is in love with it, I figure I'd let you folks in on the utter ignorance) "not give a F-bomb about some stupid towelhead terrorist."

No words can truly express the disdain I have for these pathetic individuals who run on this double-standard, who have the absolute nerve to attempt to call people like me out for being heartless and crude. I'm sorry that I have a hard time finding the difference between one dead child and another dead child? Yes, I know at first glance that I may sound very cynical but wow, I truly despise this country.

When I was in grade school growing up I was told to respect police officers and politicians because they had a higher sense of responsibility and because of this they were given a special task because most of us could not have handled it. Now I realize how big of a lie that was and how big of a lie America is. From the minute you're born in this country, your indoctrination into a brainless mass-like sheep has begun. People are such hollow, empty shells, all they care about is what is plastered on the television or broadcasted through the radio or put on social media.

All the gun control blah-blah that's happening, it is giving me a headache. Why are the law-abiding citizens of a "free" having their unalienable rights questioned by some oligarchy that's responsible for the murders of hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children who did nothing wrong? They were simply "in the way" of these genocidal tyrants way, so screw it, collateral damage. Don't put this on CNN or FOX and the American public will absolutely refuse to believe the dire truth. Instead, let's put a media blitz on a school shooting, constantly bombarding you with fear and the notion of "Anyone can be this man, guns are bad, we must act before it's too late!"

It is absolute INSANITY. Gun control isn't about guns, it's about control. If my government, who has the blood of an asinine amount of people on their hands, says that it's law-abiding citizens are no longer allowed the right to own a firearm, it's endgame. It's incredible how indoctrinated as a nation we have become. This whole PsyOps, mind control, MKUltra, the real deep, gritty conspiracy topics, they feel more real than ever. It feels as if this entire country has has it's mindset pre-programmed, and everyone is simply being ushered along to their ultimate fate as the puppet masters laugh hysterically at how weak and feeble most people believe they are.

If you've read through this, I'm sorry, I probably jumped to like eighteen different thoughts and more than likely this looks like a jumbled mess. But then again it is in the rant sanction lol. My main point here, is this though. Why do Americans cry hysterically and suddenly freak out when the news talks about Americans dieing, but they don't even flinch a muscle when it comes to any number of people being killed.

I'll leave you with this. Look at how disgusting the American populace has become when relating to the Holocaust. They sit around and joke about it, and in respect I won't even echo what it is that people joke and poke fun at. Imagine if a decent amount of Jewish people began to poke fun at America and 9/11? Imagine the uproar that would happen, and how quickly the American populace would cry out for being "blatantly insulted."

As an American, I'm pretty ashamed of the way we have represented ourselves. To the folks on ATS, I actually do believe that most of you are good people, and think things through with a level-head. But to the people who are enthralled by the mass-media world of Hollywood America, they have no capacity to reason or think outside of their own narrow mind.

To all of you out there who are not from America, just know that our politicians and our sleeping-masses do not portray us. We are not murderers, we are not bigots, we are not terrorists, we are not a label. We are human beings who want to see this world continue to grow and bloom, for all of us, it's just unfortunate that our politicians (who ultimately we have no say in) have an ulterior motive that they can so easily conceal under the guise of this or that with the advent of the television and through fear-mongering and brainwashing.

Sorry about the rant, it's probably a mess lol.

Take it easy.

posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 11:38 PM
Well, for a large majority of your post, I completely agree with you. I'm an American and I find almost everything our military has been doing is simply disturbing. It's heart-breaking to know the things I see the blood of children, innocence, be demolished...and for what? No sense...No matter where a child is killed or murdered, it does nothing but slaughter a little more of our collective humanity.

If I could legitimately make a stand against the big guys and not either get shot or ignored...then I would have already done something...

To all those from other countries...I'm sorry it seems as though no Americans care...we do, I assure you...the MSM is not the U.S. They do not represent us, and do not give us the information we want.

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