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Why Quilpie?

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posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 07:07 PM
greetings . About 3 months ago I had a dream
The dream was about a town in South Western Queensland Australia called Quilpie . Now i have never been to Quilpie or any road or town that leads to it.I know where it is because i read alot of maps and have travelled all over Oz. The dream was not one of disaster or mayhem ,i was just walking around looking at stuff.
Today the 21st 0f december 2012 ,I heard the town mentioned on a mainstream radio station ,saying that many people had travelled to Quilpie ,some from quite a distance , because apparently Quilpie was known as a safe zone from the coming end of time ,return of the sky gods ,apocalypse ,etc
After hearing this I started thinking about my previous dream .And searched the web for more on this town.. Was it a warning ? I dont Know but i suggested to family that we get in the car and go there ,it is only about 700 K's away .Obviously they thought i was mad .
So whats with Quilpie ? anyone out there?

here it is if you want to go

And this on the safe zone. seems there is more to Quilpie than meets the eye

In an interesting twist one psychic, Pane Andov, has been given the corrdinates to a safe zone that will be immune from the fallout. Quilpie sits in the middle of the triangle at the top while Cunnamulla is on the bottom eastern side. Thargo, Toompine and Eulo are all safe but Charleville is too far east and Eromanga misses out in the west.

The impending apocalypse dominates conversation at the bar in Quilpie. Quilpie Motor Inn manager Julie Milesi said she has fielded two rather strange enquiries from people wanting to escape the carnage. “One was convinced this was the only safe place to be, that Quilpie was the only place that would survive.” Julie hasn’t taken any bookings – perhaps rooms are too pricey for the believers – but she said everyone is talking about it around town.

Yugoslavian Mo Pajic is a believer. He relocated into the zone – Quarrion street, Quilpie to be exact, about six months ago. “I decided to take my chances here,” he said.

He has prepared himself mentally and boosted food supplies, including purchasing a large bag of corn meal and a mill, plus about 30 boxes of Weet-bix, flour, tinned goods and about 30kg of honey. He’s not concerned about embarrassment if the apocalypse is a false alarm, he’ll just eat the food later. His cat Chichak, a chicken and two mini horses are keeping him company for now, but he also plans to add a border collie to the clane
Quilpie declared end of the world 'safe zone'

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posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 07:23 PM
Perth is pretty safe too.

well, I say safe, I mean.. you're not going to get hit by a meteor.

More likely car jacked and bashed by the end of the night.

posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 07:30 PM
reply to post by winofiend

always thought Perth was pretty safe ,sort of like Little Britain
But from the sounds of it it seems more like your Western neighbour Johannesburg
Anyway stay safe out there on the mean streets


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