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WHY Does The World Have To END...for there to be a change?

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posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 07:04 PM
99% of you think there has to be a cataclysm or major catastrophe in order for something to change. If there is no definitive quantifiable change then 12-21-2012 is all a bunch of nonsense, right? Why are you certain this has to be the case in order for there to be a change?

The galaxy we live in is constantly changing. The Earth we live on is constantly changing. There are many events that take place daily that affect us. Tomorrow is not just another day. It is the next day in the evolution of this planet.

There does not need to be a disaster for the world we know to end. There has to be a change in the mentality of the world we live in.

Don't come in here the day after and say nothing happened. You will not necessarily be aware of it.

This is not a touchy feely doomsday the world is going to end thread. This is not a New Ager spouting nonsense about vibrational harmonic resonances.

This is simply me...pointing out that we live in a world controlled by greed. Fact. Undisputed. It needs to change. Fact. Undisputed. The energy that we are connected to changes. Fact. Undisputed.

Greed = Hatred. Fact. Undisputed. We live on a planet that uses a 24 hour clock. Fact. Undisputed. It is not accurate. Fact. Undisputed. We use a calendar that has been altered many times. Fact. Undisputed. We have 20 different religions. Fact. Undisputed.

It does not matter whether you think anything happens or not. Fact. Undisputed.

What does matter? Perception and perspective and expectations happen from an individual standpoint.

I do not live my life preparing for the world to end. I live my life preparing for the time my soul ascends. I do not care if you believe or not believe that changes are happening as we exist. There is proof all around. It is right there in front of you. I do not need to tell you what the truth is. You already know. Denial is what people do when they live in fear. What they do not understand must be a lie, what they think is the truth must be dispelled.

I have posted silly threads for fun just to see what reactions I would get, I got exactly what I expected. This is going to be one of those times that I try to talk sense into people.

How many of you believe everything to read? How many of you believe everything you see? How many of you believe everything you hear? How many of you question what you do see? How many of you question what you do read? How many of you believe what you have been taught?

Open your eyes. Open your mind. Open your soul. Open your heart. The truth is there for you to see hear and feel. Denial happens because of fear.

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