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Totalitarianism: A Step-by-Step Guide

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posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 04:03 PM
So, you want a totalitarian society where people are afraid to do anything positive for themselves or for their friends, where they are totally willing to do whatever you want them to, which probably involves working for low wages and not owning property, while turning in their suspicious neighbors and doing nothing unexpected?

Well, awesome! You came to the right place. I'll be providing you all this information for free, right here!

First of all, you should understand the difference between cultural values and real values. This is the key to getting people to do what you want. Because, if they understood what was really going on, they would just stop.

So - what are cultural values? Well, culture is like a magnetic field. If you stand in a certain cultural zone, your duality switches (red hair = evil, blonde hair = good) will slowly start to match the ones of those around you. duality.

What a wonderful way to control people - it allows them to make choices, not based on any real data at all, but based on delusions that *you* get to decide! Holy crap!

Let's take a look at an example. Do you know what real racism is like? Well, most people probably don't anymore. But real racism is a great place to look at how cultural values work. Imagine you are a black person in the distant past who likes a white girl. You and her have been hanging out, and getting along great. You go over to her house and her parents come home.

You're in trouble - and it has nothing to do with anything based in reality. It has to do with your skin color, and values attached to it. These values might be based on black culture, if you are lucky, or, they might be completely fabricated by white people.

In any case, this example is a perfect one to use to show how you, the future totalitarian ruler, will be grabbing power beyond your wildest dreams! Take a look at it from the white father's perspective, he is the real victim here (at least the one that we wish to focus on, because we want to emulate this cultural manipulation that he experiences).

His decision to shoot, or whatever, the black man in his daughter's room is based completely on fabrications and no real evidence whatsoever.

So, you might ask, what is this other... thing... real values?? Good question! That's what we want to avoid, at all costs. This would be something along the line of assessing the situation and making a reasonable choice based on outcomes that would be the best.

For example, what does the father wish for his daughter? Does the black man have these traits? What are the black man's intentions? What does the daughter think about this? What kind of skills and education does the black man have that could benefit the family? What is his personality like? Do the two get along?

In short, this is the process of collecting data and using it to make an informed decision.

We do not want this in our totalitarian society, as I mentioned before, if people were able to make informed decisions, they would simply stop participating in our wonderful totalitarian police state because it would not be in their best interest.

So... how do we make this culture, that I speak of? Well, take a look! I've made a great step-by-step guide!

1. Eliminate critical thinking skills
This is pretty necessary. People that know how to question society and what is going on, and are able to think of more constructive ways that things could be run are dangerous. The best way to eliminate them is through sabotaging the education system, but there are going to be some that remain, so you will have to deal with these people using other tactics.

The best one would be to make the rest of the population believe that they are bad people, and thus support their execution.

2. Eliminate social skills
Social skills allow people to get together and make lasting friendships and relationships, and produce things like trust, which is not something you want in a totalitarian society. Therefore, you will to figure out a way to eliminate social skills from the population, especially if they involve meaningful relationships. It doesn't matter so much if people are hooking up for one night, or getting together with acquaintances.

3. Eliminate groups or organizations that could potentially create opposing cultural values
Well, groups or organizations like churches or families are either going to have to be in on your conspiracy, or eliminated. This is because any organization that exists is going to provide their participants with a feeling of security, both socially and economically, that it is going to jeopardize your police state! Great ways to eliminate families and religious organizations include demonizing them (probably through media reports and other social outlets) or, as I mentioned earlier, getting them to participate in your scheme.

4. Eliminate economic freedom for the individual
Individuals simply cannot be allowed to get economic freedom without first completely participating in your police state's values. This should be very obvious. You simply cannot have people out there who are able to support themselves. They have to be in constant fear of losing their job or income source if they don't follow your every command.

5. Eliminate free speech
This should be pretty obvious too. Free speech is an arena through which people are able to express themselves and their observations of society, and build on each other. Even a society with the most inept subjects (which, of course, we wish to have) will be able to, when thousands of people get together online or something, still have pretty decent critical thinking skills.

6. Saturate the population with false information
Once all of the above steps are in place, the population will be ready to be brainwashed, but with what? That is for you to decide! I would recommend making them slaves who are completely afraid of thinking for themselves, and are willing to turn each other in. Not only does this make their lives super uncomfortable (who doesn't want this??) but it seems like the most logical plan for the sadistic ruler.
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posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 05:07 PM
I have a feeling you have more to add but let me say you're off to a good start.
How is the girl's father the victim though?

posted on Jan, 19 2013 @ 01:36 PM
reply to post by Asktheanimals

I am not sure... I will have to get back to you on that. The list makes sense to me right now, but I'm not sure what I was thinking in the introduction.
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posted on Feb, 3 2013 @ 10:25 PM
The girls father is the victim of a false reality. We all know in truth the black man is the literal victim, but the father being delusional by dis-information is unable to think for himself.
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