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Illuminati Endgame Conspiracy Theory - Manipulated NEO(Astroid)

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posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 03:53 PM
While reading a thread here on ATS, I got this idea for a new conspiracy. One that will take a long time to come to fruition. Here is the thread that inspired me:What do you think will be the next doomsday date after 12/21/2012?

What if the NEOs or Near Earth Objects will be used to bring the end of our modern civilization and begin the rebuilding of The New World Order?

We know scientists have plans for how to safe guard against NEOs. Some involving Nukes, others involving propulsion to nudge the object away from Earth's path.

But what if, the plan was to attach these propulsion jets to steer the objects actually towards Earth?
Gravity Tractor Concept

The next big concern for Earth is the Apophis asteroid, which has a 1 in 250,000 chance of hitting Earth in April 2036. Seven other asteroids that are much further away than Apophis have a greater chance of hitting Earth.

Of course, as natural disasters go an asteroid strike on Earth would be extremely bad. Even relatively small space rocks could wipe millions of people off the face of the planet, and for the really big asteroids – like the one that caused the Chicxulub event 65 million years ago – it’s unlikely that humanity would survive. And yet, for all their devastation, asteroids offer a glimmer of hope. An asteroid strike is preventable, given we have the time to deal with it.

So let us learn a little bit more on NEOs.

How many NEOs exist?

There are many more small NEOs than large ones. Astronomers estimate that there are approximately 1100 Near Earth Asteroids (NEAs) larger than 1 km in diameter, and more than a million larger than 40 m in diameter (the approximate threshold for penetration through the Earth's atmosphere). The largest NEAs are less than 25 km in diameter. There are probably many more comets than NEAs, but they spend almost all of their lifetimes at great distances from the Sun and Earth, so that they contribute only about 10% to the census of larger objects that strike the Earth, and probably less than 1% of NEOs less than 1 km in diameter.

Are any NEOs predicted to hit the Earth?

As of the end of 2004, astronomers had discovered more than two thirds of the larger Near Earth Asteroids (diameter greater than 1 km). None of the known asteroids is a threat, but we have no way of predicting the next impact from an unknown object. The count of known NEAs can be obtained daily from the NASA Program Office website at .

What is the risk of impacts?

We don't know when the next NEO impact will take place, but we can calculate the odds. Statistically, the greatest danger is from an NEO with about 1 million megatons energy (roughly 2 km in diameter). On average, one of these collides with the Earth once or twice per million years, producing a global catastrophe that would kill a substantial (but unknown) fraction of the Earth's human population. Reduced to personal terms, this means that you have about one chance in 40,000 of dying as a result of a collision. Such statistics are interesting, but they don't tell you, of course, when the next catastrophic impact will take placeónext year or a million years from now. The purpose of the Spaceguard Survey is not to improve these statistical estimates, but to find any individual rock that may be on a collision course.

So instead of poisen, mind control, weaponizing weather, ect ect. Maybe this is how "they" plan to bring about then end of all. This idea brought me back to the Jessie Ventura Ozarks episode and the underground city they found.

Could the end of days truly be upon us? Members of the international elite – including the Illuminati – seem to think so, and have chosen the Ozark Mountain region of the United States to hide out from the apocalypse. The Conspiracy Theory team finds what appears to be construction on underground cities hidden in mountain caverns and tunnels, blocking off formerly public entrances with iron bars and heavy security. An apparent influx of banks in the rural region also seems suspect, but when they hear about round the clock construction on the biggest private house in America, reportedly built entirely of military grade materials and owned by a D.C. defense contractor, Jesse suspects something big may be happening here – just below the surface.
In researching this, I stumbled across a website that details journies they have had in the Ozarks.

Welcome to Underground Ozarks, a site all about urban exploration in the Ozarks area. You'll find information and pictures of abandoned places, sewers and drains, ghost towns, and more. If it's in the Ozarks area, or just close enough to drive to, and you're not supposed to go there... We'll get it on the site eventually.
Underground Ozarks
Link to Gallery
The Ozarks sure would make a great place to hide out from a death Asteroid.

So my theory is: The Illuminati will bring about the end of times by manipulating a NEO with gravity tractors or the like. Maneuvering it to impact with the Earth, all the while the Elite hunker down in their luxurious Underground Cities.

I speculate the Pensmore residence will actually be the New Capital Building of the New World Order.

At 72,000 square feet, a gigantic private residence being built south of Ozark is stirring plenty of talk.

All the speculation over its sheer size -- once completed, it will be considered one of the largest residential homes in the US and the fact that its being made of concrete has caused plenty of rumors to go around

Also, while looking into this I found information about a company looking to make green by mining asteroids.

Following a few days of excited build-up, Planetary Resources, a new space startup backed by heavy hitters including Larry Page and James Cameron, officially announced its plans to mine asteroids near Earth. At the Tuesday morning event, which took place at the packed Space Gallery in the Museum of Flight in Seattle, the company said it would launch phase one of its mission within two years and use the next decade just to identify resource-rich asteroids.

The company wants to access two types of resources: water and platinum metals.

Water and its constituent elements, hydrogen and oxygen, are “the best rocket fuel out there.” They would be able to supply NASA exploration missions, fuel private exploration missions, boost satellites, fuel space stations, support private colonization efforts, and fuel tugs that could be used to clean up space debris.
Full Article

So we have until 2036 to see if this conspiracy theory comes to fruition.

I'm sure the web will be buzzing then too.

Symbolism in the use of NEO? In Apophis?

Thanks for reading!

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posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 04:20 PM
Wanted to add this video on NEOs:

Also, more about the Gravity Tractors:

A gravity tractor (GT) is a spacecraft that deflects another object in space, typically a potentially hazardous asteroid that might impact Earth, without physically contacting it, using only its gravitational field to transmit the required impulse.[1][2] The tractor spacecraft could either hover near the object being deflected or orbit near it. The concept has the advantage that essentially nothing need be known about the mechanical composition and structure of the asteroid in advance.
Full Article

posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 07:58 PM
Dang, I just realized I spelled Asteroid wrong in the title.

My mistake. Missed the edit window.

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posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 08:22 PM
Interesting theory!

I'm thinking the elite have to have brass balls to pull off a stunt like this being the randomness of where the asteroid could land. If they did something like that I would hope that the asteroid would land exactly on top of them!

I'll comment more when I get back from dinner.

posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 08:50 PM
This is just an extremely highly speculative look into a possible theory that will probably be more explored down the timeline.

I have never heard or thought about this kind of extreme theory.

I guess I should of stated in the first post that I am not a true believer in the Illuminati or the NWO. There is crazy evidence around but I try to remain open minded as well as skeptical about stuff.

This is mainly a "just for fun" thread. A great thread at ATS gave me this idea and I guess I wanted to get the first theory about future apocalypses of this sort.

Anyone else heard of theories like this?
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posted on Feb, 17 2013 @ 06:04 PM
With the recent meteor over Russia, it reminded me of this thread I made a while back. I intentionally posted this in Skunk Works because it is highly speculative but with the recent events I am starting to wonder if this theory may hold some weight.

Perhaps the last meteor was manipulated by TPTB but the plan was foiled by some 'friends' of Earth that may have decided to protect us. Who knows, I am skeptically opened minded and realize this is probably far from the truth but it is an interesting theory to ponder on.

posted on Feb, 17 2013 @ 07:50 PM
Nice thread! S+F!

Got kind of the same idea as you. Posted about it here, then i found yours.

Originally posted by kloejen
Wouldn't it be possible someone could developed a kind of asteroid weapon system?

Some kind of swarm satellites positioned in the asteroid belt

Working together, using gravity assisted maneuvers to travel around the belt. Searching for candidates that just need that special little push, to send it flying towards a target on Earth, or even in space, taking out an enemy satellite. Everyone would clearly, as this thread, scream "that's a natural occurrence, and just a meteor/asteroid... bad luck". No one to blame but mother nature.
Pretty awesome weapon, don't ya think? But possible?

In this way, the outer swarm bots will throw potential killers our way, the inner swarm bot system then "catches" them, and fine-tune the trajectory against the target. It could be possible i guess. Maybe they are just send by, examined in detail when close up. If anything valuable is detected, it will be aimed at one of Earth poles, and "safely" crashed... if possible, huge chunks of extremely rare minerals/metals could be harvested, in total secrecy.
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posted on Feb, 17 2013 @ 08:45 PM
reply to post by kloejen

Intriguing theory friend.

In this day and age I really would not be surprised at all if your theory would be true. People do crazy things, generally for even crazier reasons.

If anything, all this meteor and asteroid talk just adds to my amazement and awe of nature. We live in such fascinating times! Star'd ya.

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