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Its the holidays, time of joy. Aren't we all just tired of the media on gun control?

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posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 12:23 AM
I dont know about everyone else, but every time i click on my google chrome, something about guns appears.

There are over 1 story a day now about guns...

The problem? Parents? Maybe? If parents hide their guns, or at least talk to there kids about guns, 50% of these incidents would never happen. Like that boy who brought a gun to school for protection, he was in 6th grade. What did his parents just leave a gun on the coffee table?

Medication, who knows what is in these medication pills we feed kids, but it obviously isnt working, i would say the majority of incidents are caused by mentally unstable people, solution? More help, More help, More help.

Ban guns? No, your're stupid if you think this. A gun is a weapon, a weapon can be anything, i could go on a massacre with a toothbrush, does that mean we have to ban toothbrushes the next day? Criminals are criminals, what makes you think they will follow the next gun laws if they dont follow the ones now?

1. Parents must take the responsibility and time to explain guns to kids as soon as possible.
2. Get help for mentally unstable people.

Its the same thing with drugs, we ban drugs, its easy to get drugs, it WILL be the same way with guns.

Our government is so stupid they dont see it. Happy holidays! Rant off

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