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The Sheer Apathy of 12/21/12

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posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 11:31 AM
Its been mentioned a couple of times where i work as a joke. Thats about it.

Theres no evidence it will be anything other than the start of a new cycle in a calendar that fell out of use hundreds of years ago. Therefore, rational people are concerned with planning their xmas break, last minute shopping, etc.

posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 11:36 AM
The Mayan Calender was as accurate as Hitlers 1000 yr Reich, as the Mayan civilazation died out long before it was predicted to last

posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 11:41 AM
Everybody in my county is ignoring it, I sead something to my mom about she sead I need to keep my mouth shut so I don't end up scaring my little brother or sister consciously I think something will happen but not the end of the world. I am a preper and I permission from my school board that i could where a nuclear, biological, chemical protection suit to school tomorrow but there's been talk of a school shooting so I don't know if my mom will still be making me go.

posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 12:17 PM
Ok....I wanted to offer an apology.

Some friends stopped by last night and I got absolutely hammered and baked...something I have not done in ages....and I made a huge ass out of myself in this thread...embarrassing.

Hopefully, no hard feelings. We will prob not be doing that again anytime head is splitting today.

I sincerely apologize if I offended anyone with my drunken ramblings.

posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 12:45 PM
reply to post by SonicInfinity

I stopped reading after Y2K.
That is the most ignorant thing i keep seeing related to 12/21/12.
They spent millions maybe billions fixing Y2K before it happened. (stupid bankers right?)

Tell SONY that Y2K was nothing

There is " little talk of this date" because no one with an IQ over 4 would ever thing the world would end and everyone would die. Could the world end? Yup. Many people believe it ended on 9/11, the world will end soon according to Bush Sr. who said they will succeed with their new world order.

When you have a traitor for a president who thinks his boss is the UN (btw the UN is who they want the world government to be) and they are doing everything they can to disarm Americans (can't go "Forward" with the new world order until you disarm Americans and FUBAR the economy), then trust me the "world" (as we know it) will end.

posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 12:52 PM
Darkness feeds on apathy.

The masses remain indifferent, and always will until something comes along to prove them wrong. Then we have a paradigm shift.

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