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posted on Dec, 19 2012 @ 09:56 AM
Talked with my Bro on the phone last night. He is hauling oil from pump jacks near Brooks, in Southern Alberta. We had our normal talk of conspiracies, magic, politics, you know the usual stuff. One of the last threads I read before going to bed was the 102 yr. old lady who had the dream of the sky breaking up. One of the last things I talked with my bro about was temporal synchronicity.

This morning I had a very strange dream. I was in a residential street with other people. All of a sudden these smoky white orbs come streaking in low in the sky. I wasn't scared and others didn't seem to be either. One of them had crashed or landed on a rear deck of a house, I don't recall how it got there. Out of it climbed a bird-man, tall, regal looking peregrine falcon like creature with an impressive set of wings. This is about all of the dream.

So this morning is my usual six cigarettes and a pot of coffee before work while I surf ATS. My first thread is the Ankara cloud portal with the UFO popping out. When the youtube link ended the other youtube links pop up in the player and one caught my eye. I scrolled over it and the info says " Dr's remove feather from girls neck. It gets weirder. I watched the video, was of a seven month old who had an abscess below her jaw, and sure enough they pulled an inch and a half pin feather from out of her neck. The babys name was Maya! Maybe the Maori are right and dreamtime is real, and waketime is the dream???

posted on Jan, 19 2013 @ 12:16 AM
Synchronicities... hmmmm

Ya know its weird. All of a sudden one day you start to notice things lining up and you take notice. Is it a part of waking up? Is something or someone trying to tell you something. Is it your inner mind screaming at you.... Hey Wake Up.

I really don't know. But.. I know that your dream meant something to you. Its up to u to figure out what that may be me thinks.

But what do I know ? :-)

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