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Just don't care

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posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 10:33 PM
Something I always noticed about prophecy forums is nobody ever gets anything right. Not for the several years I have been looking through them. But this thread may not be going the way you think. I'm not downing prophecy at all, I'm a believer. I'm just saying people's ability to call it is horribly lacking.

There is one time that people were unconsciously correct. It was the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. No, it wasn't that anybody called it that I remember. It was people (without being prompted) just were not acting normal. There was a "bump" in their anxiousness. I remember staying up very late that night because I felt there was something in the air. I even remembered looking over news that came in via the most recent news streams (AP, etc) and saw stories of flooding. Unexplained flooding with no mention of the dire extent of it coming in. But, it was that subtle hint, that barely noticeable change that so barely caught my attention. And that is what this thread is about.

Something is amiss. This evening at Walmart I saw all of these people lined up at the checkout with only a few people working the registers. It looked really weird because any Walmart I've been in around Christmas time is rocking. Including this one. After standing in line for several minutes I said to somebody that came by "You guys trying to make everybody used the self checkout or what?". It was with a smile and the girl said "You'd think people would want to keep a job in this economy but nobody showed up this evening". She was frustrated.

As I sat there slowly sweating with my coat on (it was cold outside) I started looking around at the expression on people's faces. It reminded me of some experiences of the last month. It's like nobody cares. Nobody cares about doing the societal dance. Nobody cares about work. I've even been feeling it. I just don't care. Preserving myself at work,,, to hell with it. No point. Last night some woman at Lowes was an arse and literally took the guy that was helping me away. I came very close to saying "Listen here you worthless @$#%, wait your damn turn". Actually, I was going to say much worse.

I'm thinking people subconsciously are giving out those vibes again. They don't care because soon there will be no reason to. Why worry about anything. The test is over, put down your pencils.

Anybody else seeing any of this type of behavior?

posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 10:44 PM

Anybody else seeing any of this type of behavior?

Yes, I am. Very close to home.
The Darkside has beaten me in my own home.

People are not doing too well lately. It surely has to do with the whole Dec. 21 programing I'm sure. It's been drilled into their psyche for several years now, and that day is nearly here.

These people's apathetic thoughts are manifesting outward, you can see it all over their faces.
The lights are on, nobody's home, and they could care less, about anything really.

posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 11:01 PM
This reminds me 100% of Y2K and all the happenings then.

I have a feeling this will end the same exact way. People with a lot of canned goods.

posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 11:08 PM
reply to post by Apollumi

Hmmm...while your thread strikes a few nerves...I would like to say that IMO, it seems ike people gave up a long time ago. No hopes, dreams, aspirations...nothing...a bunch of nothingness...even though many continue to aspire..however, the masses died along time ago.

At the same time I would also like to point out that as I am more of an introvert (very sensitive to the feelings of those nearby) I choose to keep to myself this way due to feeling uncomfortable around others since I was a child (I am now a mom of four, 3 in college and in my 40's), I have always felt the human disconnect and have been a witness to it getting worse by the day as have many others. This feeling has never been absent, but to reiterate your post, it does seem to be ever more prominent.

I had it out with AT&T on cyber monday about a phone I purchsed for $0.99. I had not received my phone (as stated in 2 business days) until yesterday and after arguing with the various departments at AT&T, I was told we are out of that phone...We are the store not online sales, I can't help you...we will just cancel the order and you can reorder it, etc !

I told AT&T after being a wireless customer for over 12 years, I would appreciate it if they would honor my purchase instead of trying to boost sales and ultimately appease their investors. That seems like it struck a nerve in someones brain as I finally received my phone today.

I speak of this situation only to display in agreement with what you are speaking about because after all the channels I was put through I had to asked to speak with the CEO of the company just to make things right. I even told the 6 supervisors I spoke with that I thought I was being scammed and that AT&T was running a scam only to boost sales. I told them that I had recorded every conversation I had with them (and I did) and that if they didn't honor their own promotion I would make sure that millions of people knew about it.

Ultimately, they did send me the phone for $0.99 and everything is okay. But jeesh...what an ordeal I had to go through just to buy what thy,t AT&T promoted. America and the world is so's's pathetic and it's unacceptable. This was just another display of severe disconnect. I was always taught to honor your word as your word is bond...unfortunately, not every entity believes this.

I hope we can change...I hope we are willing to change.

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