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There is no Libor Hearings even taking place. Their is no Libor Connection to the Shootings.

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posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 10:07 PM
max keiser

In the case of Newtown, Peter Lanza, the alleged shooter’s father, reportedly also worked in finance as vice president of taxes at GE Financial Services. Within hours, the same online forums were asserting as fact — again, 100 percent without evidence — that he too was supposed to testify before the Senate regarding Libor. Like FICO, GE has no obvious connection to the investigation, which has roped in various other financial institutions. And once again, there is no “witness list” that includes Lanza because there isn’t even a hearing on the issue.

more from the article

“This rumor is 100% false,” a Senate Banking Committee aide, who asked not to be named, told TPM by email. “The Senate Banking Committee does not have any LIBOR hearings currently scheduled, and has never considered either of these men as potential witnesses.”

Using google, and bing, i can not find ONE article that even proves these are happening in the US. They seem concluded and fines have been handed out.

Also. the story about John Holmes father testifying is from Sorcha Faal. here is a simple google search on Sorcha Faal Hoaxer Sorcha Faal Hoaxer Google Search
Peter Lanza Libor lack of connection article

I would assume the parents of the kids who lost thier lives in these horrible act of violence are not reading forums like this, but if they are, I feel bad for them having to repeatedly see those killers of their family members being branded the victims. It would personally fill me with rage.

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