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I had a very cool dream last night.

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posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 05:13 PM
Okay, I've forgotten a good portion of this dream already, but I have to share it. I've never been one to believe my dreams mean anything and it's not why I'm posting this. I don't think it's going to happen, it was just awesome(I guess some might find it scary.

So here is the dream.

I can't remember how it started, or what was going on prior to the main event, but here we go. I'm in the woods with a bunch of guys I grew up with. We are all adults in the dream, but we are doing things we used to do as kids. Building strange things, carving pieces of wood. I remember vividly, my childhood best friend Ian dragging a bunch of sticks into a clearing, asking me if we can dig a hole and stand this long branch, (Wide enough I can barely close my hand around) Up in the middle of the clearing. We argue over how deep the hole would have to be for it to stand upright. After a while Kris, and Ian start digging a hole, while me and my brother break stones, and start slicing other sticks down the length and peeling the bark off and laying it out to dry. In the dream I could not remember why we were doing it, nor can I make much sense of it now. Then like most dreams, I'm now walking down a road near some woods, to a bridge for automobiles.

So, I'm walking at the side of this road with my mother(weird, where did Ian and Kris go, typical dream layout), as we are walking through the trees we see dark shadows moving about. We start to talk about how weird it would be if the world was ending. ( I don't believe in this nor does my mother.) So, as we are talking something passes much closer. Up in the sky is the weirdest looking UFO. It sort of looked like a giant metal Horseshoe crab, at this point we notice the other shadows look just like this. Oddly enough we aren't panicked, more intrigued. NOW dream puts me in another random place.

I'm now in my highschool (Been a long time since I was there, probably the same amount of time since I've spent time with Kris or Ian. About 10ish years.) I'm searching for something, and end up in the shop class, which is underneath the school. (I'm starting to forget more as I try to write this out. The more I try to remember details of each part, the more I forget the other parts. So I'm going to try to get the general thing out now) We are doing something in the classroom, I'm not sure what. Ian shows up to take us somewhere. We walk, I have no idea where, after a while we come to these pipes(best way to put it.) They are all very close together, and run from the ground out over this structure. He walks us along the pipes, to the roof of this building, we hop onto the roof, and break in. (smart lol)

So when inside, we discover this building is some sort of base. There are aliens being held captive at this base, forced to do something. I remember they are very angry, and had tricked those who are holding them captive. Instead of building things for them, they built a device to communicate with their species, and now they were coming to rescue them, and fight with us. So being we don't want to get killed by invading aliens, we decide we are going to help them. So we leave briefly to the roof, and discuss(more or less Ian tells us we have to do this.), when we go back inside some soldiers, or a SWAT team of sorts have showed up. So we sneak back to where we had found, the aliens being held captive in a lab/workspace. We release them, at which point they come after us. Turns out, they don't care about us and being kind was both too late and a sign of weakness. For our species(the people at the base I guess.) Disrespecting them they are going to kill us. Okay, so this part was the part that stood out, it just seemed kind of cool.

The rest of the dream seems to end with me back in the highschool, I am at the vending machines and it keeps giving me free pop. lol The last part of the dream I remember was yelling at a kid in the classroom. No more about aliens.

What do you all think? I thought it was pretty cool, holds very little to no merit outside of being a wicked dream.

posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 05:41 PM
reply to post by Hijinx

I like how the aliens are being held captive by humans to build things. This could be a good plot for a book.

posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 07:40 PM
reply to post by Hijinx

Have you ever had dreams with ufos in before?
I ask because it kind reminds me about a few strange dreams I have had and keep having every few month, always different dreams but the outcomes are usually round about the same, I might make a thread about it

I have had many weird dreams before and have actually seen things you can define as a ufo but I really have never dreamt about them till the last 8 month or so.

Also how did you feel in your dream when you and your mother saw it?

posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 08:28 PM
reply to post by fictitious

Do you wanna know what's funny about your post? Everyone always tells me I have a great imagination, I'm creative, poetic, come off as very wise, and that I should be a writer. Every friend and family member has said this to me, perhaps this is the book I'm meant to write ha ha. Personally, my interests are more along the lines of music and science but I keep getting told " You should be a writer. " Maybe it's time to listen, start writing down my weird dreams and make a book.

posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 08:39 PM
reply to post by RAY1990

UFO's yes, and other weird flying things, as well as being able to fly myself. This is the first one to have aliens in it, which mind you looked like people in one moment of the dream, and weird creatures in other parts. Actually, i can't remember exactly what they looked like when they weren't people. When they were people, they were just people that I knew weren't people. When they were Alien looking I can't remember what they looked like.

I did for a while have dreams about UFO's every other week or so. Back in October, I had the same dream about 3 or 4 times about UFO's that looked like lights in the sky, scanning houses and hiding from them. In one of those dreams I was hiding in a house that was my grandmothers( looked nothing like my grandmothers house in real life.)

I was hiding with my fiance and family in the basement and went searching through all the closets looking for a gun|(grandma doesn't own guns) closing all the drapes and blinds telling everyone to stay in the middle of the house and keep the lights off. My Dad in the dream refused to turn off the tele, and when the UFO's scanned the house they dropped this weird machine thing and it started ripping the house apart. I woke up at that part. There was a lot more to that dream but that's the parts I remember.

I also had a dream back in June about driving to my work. The drive goes through some Woods, and eventually comes to an industrial section. In the dream, I'm at work again weird UFO things in the sky, this time I stuck myself to the roof of the over hang outside while everyone panicked and ran away. ( I often lucid dream, fly, do weird things so sticking myself to the wall isn't weird to me ha ha.) After the majority of people run away I go inside being a supervisor to see if anyone is hurt, or hasn't left. I gather up the few guys still inside, and we all get in my truck( impossible I drive a two seater step side truck), but in dream fashion we all magically fit and drive the route I would go home. We start to notice things floating that look like Navel mines, and they let out a gas, at which point we wake up in some weird metal shop that backs onto a lake and have to fend off hoards of crazy zombie like people.

All just crazy weird dreams, but yes I've had many dreams with UFO's. I did for a little while think something weird was going on, because they happened quite frequently back in October, but I took off my tinfoil hat and they stopped.

Anytime I have really outrageous dreams I assume I'm watching too much Television(ancient aliens, sci-fi, Dr. who) or spending too much time on ATS.

Our dreams are the representation of our subconscious. I am open to the possibility our dreams could contain messages, but our subconscious and conscious minds work very differently. An Alien in a dream, is more likely to mean something foreign to you rather than an ET. Same with UFO's rather than it being something ET it's likely the representation of something unknown to us.

Thanks for the read, and the reply. I'd be interested in your thread if you make one.

Oh I missed the How we felt part.

In my dream I think my mother was just as shocked as I. I'd say slightly excited, surprised. My mom and I both are a little weird I suppose, we don't scare easy and have an unhealthy desire to know and learn about everything we can.

My opinions on Aliens and life outside of Earth are that life is everywhere. We just haven't found it, or know what we are looking for. I think it's impossible for life to only be on Earth. How ever, when it comes to them visiting us currently I'm unsure. There does appear to be evidence in history of some kind of visitation and I can't denounce every Abduction or sighting story as imagination, hallucination or miss-identification. So as it sits, I believe in life, I'm wary about their current involvement with Earth. How ever I do not deny the possibility that any day some other life could very well find and visit our planet.

My mother, is very spiritual and though she is the sweetest kindest woman, she frowns on many religions. Not the people, but what the religion itself is turned into by the religious. She believes in ghosts, spirits, guides, other worlds, dimensions, universes. She believes it's very possible Gods of old could have been aliens. The very word Extra-terrestrial means not of earth. She as well is open to the idea Advanced life exists in the universe, as far as it having been here she believes they have in the past, and that after them helping us along and seeing how we were they left.

We both believe human beings are alien themselves to this planet. Whether it be we were brought here, came ourselves, or some half of us created us from the life that was already here. There are too many unknowns, I will not pretend to know how we came to be. As far as I'm concerned we have no idea where we came from. The closest we can come to is Apes, which share lots of similarities with us, but at the same time we a very different. We keep finding potential relatives, but we lack the direct connection.
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posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 08:42 PM
reply to post by Hijinx

Yes, you definitely should. It wouldn't hurt to try anyway! I love a good scifi book.

posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 08:50 PM
reply to post by fictitious

Thank you for the support and encouragement, perhaps I should try. I used to want to write, and I even thought about writing about my life and using my journals as part of it. I haven't lead an overly interesting life, but I've had plenty of struggle and people can relate to that. How ever it never took off as I find myself boring, and prefer not to share my life.

Maybe my niche is sci-fi. If I do it, I'll be sure to share what I come up with.

posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 08:57 PM
reply to post by Hijinx

I agree with your view on dreams and I think I will make a thread on my dreams soon I'll send you a link when I do if you like

When I was having dreams about ufos they always come from the west and I'm in my garden the most vivid one was when the coast (about 2-3 mile away) was nuked, long story short their is 3 things that were always the same

Growing a weird amount of crops in my garden that are always supersized, then start rotting before things get weird

The ufo's fly west to east always more than 1 type some look like they could be manmade in a few years but others like stars dancing then multiplying

I am surrounded by lots of people usually family/friends and I'm telling them to chill and be calm.

I too sometimes have an active mind and dreams can be fascinating my favourite dreams are one's where I can "float" when I breath deep I can thenswim through the air, it's wierd the things that happen in dreams.
Also did you know you can control your dreams I personally haven't done this for years but it is possible, apparently the way it's done is by having a habit that you consciously program in your mind e.g. looking at your palms every 5 minutes and then when your dreaming and you do this you become aware that your dreaming and then realise that basically you can do as you wish

posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 10:33 PM
reply to post by Hijinx

Yes please do let me know. As for writing about your life, why not combine life lessons you learned with scifi. Even better if you ask me.

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