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Division gets us nowhere

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posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 04:57 PM
Ive been noticing the past few weeks (or should I say, opened my eyes to) the constant separation and categorization of humans by mass media.
Lately i've been having deep thoughts about the human species in general and coming to realize how stupid we are as a supposedly 'intelligent' species, to be in constant war with each other when really we all come from one source, be it God for the religious or the Big Bang for the equally religious and matter of fact 'atheists'.
With the recent sad events of the shooting in a KINDERGARTEN in the US, I have noticed the formation of yet another separation of people, gun owners and non-gun owners, (which has always existed but now it's really starting to be more evident) with the media once again giving a helping hand. Other well known 'rivalries' that are constantly and blatantly being projected by the media are men vs women, old people vs young people, blacks vs whites, skinny vs fat, christians vs gays, muslims vs the world, etc. etc.
I am not a hard core believer of the NWO or the illuminate conspiracies, but I feel there really is something that is making us regress as a species rather than letting us evolve into a more intelligent and pacific people.
But rather than blaming others or TPTB for our current state of affairs, why dont we take a good look at ourselves and learn from past mistakes for once!
So much BS and hypocrisy today, with countries and governments from around the world claiming that 'God is on their side' and instead of acting the teachings of Jesus, Mohammed or 'insert prophet here' they continue to seminate fear and hatred of people who are different from you.
Anyways, had to get that out somewhere, since everyone close to me seems to be a brainwashed zombie.
Aahh, I'll sleep much better tonight.

posted on Dec, 19 2012 @ 09:24 AM
reply to post by athousandlives

I was going to write something about this the other day.
Separation is terrible.

I'm the kind of person with great dreams of a peaceful world, a thriving planet... No wars, no species pushed to extinction, all that.

Isn't it ridiculous for me to dream of a world where even animals were treated with kindness, when so many of us can't even treat fellow man with respect, just because the other person has a different religion to us, a different gender, a different race, sexuality, age or even if they just DRESS differently?

One day.

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