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The show Doomsday Preppers, things I find interesting.

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posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 03:29 PM
I watch all the episodes of this show and I find it pretty good, I like watching it to give me ideas of new things I maybe haven't thought of although my only issue is I have no money for prepping so I don't really get to prep that much but I do what I can.

I have no way to store water, extra food, animals for food/byproducts. I do have survival skills, weapons for hunting, places to hunt/fish. I also live in a small community where most of the people would be in the same position but if we worked together we should be able to survive along with we all have septic and well water so we should be good on water/bathroom as long as nothing happens that would hurt the underground water supply. Or smash all of our trailers up and kill us but then there would be no need for survival lol. So I think that if we banded together we would do pretty decent, along with we are surrounded by farm lands and hunting areas, also our landlord has 2 donkeys and like 40 sheep/goats so we can use those to start a food source and barter for chickens with someone locally..

What I wanted to see is if anyone else notices that most of these doomsday preppers on the show aren't very good at prepping in reality.

Here is what I have noticed..

About half of the people on the show wouldn't survive very long because they are fat or of poor health in some way

Many of the people who are scared that a nuclear power plant would explode and have fallout live very close to the plant, so the smartest thing you could do would be move somewhere that has no nuclear plants lol

One recent episode this rich guy spent all this money on prepping but he live in california and is prepping for massive earthquakes to destroy everything. One of the worst places you can live for something to possibly happen would be california, so YOU SHOULD MOVE lol.. Then he buys a helicopter for $500k and the guy is like, if something happens I will be in the helicopter on my way to save u and take you away from your house (helicopter is stored at the airport) So he has to rely on some pilot if the world is ending to not worry about anything but getting to the airport getting in the helicopter and going to save this guy who bought the helicopter.. LMAO and what makes you think he will show up if that happens? On top of that he has no where setup to go in case he did get in his helicopter, it only has range of like 2hr the guy said, and you cant take any of your expensive preps because of the weight...

I never understand why people prep at all if they are just setting themselves up for failure. What is the point of prepping and wasting time/money/effort if you more then likely would just die no matter what if almost any type of doomsday scenario happened. People do not make sense to me.

If I had the money to prep I would buy at min 1acre in a heavily forested area as close to a water source as possible, in a high elevation in the middle of the USA if not canada.

I would have chickens, goats, sheep, squirrels, geunea pigs (spelling), aquaponics/hydroponics, solar/wind power, small cabin with bomb shelter under it, enough dried food for 3 year that will last for 25yr for any time where I might not have food. A seed bank, bow and arrows, live traps for animals, fishing poles, as many premative tools that I can find (saws, hand drills, ect) well water with a hand pump not electric, crapload of led lightbulbs that work well with solar and last 10-15yr, lots of knives, bee hives, lots of nails, lots of rope, lots of candles, lots of salt/pepper and probably lots of other things if I made a pretty hardcore list and really thought about it.. My list of things looks nothing like any of these people I don't think they are really thinking smart and for the long term.

Most of the animals I would choose can survive on the plants I can grow or the food scraps that I produce or each others waste/biproducts. As well as I would setup a system to use my waste to help grow my food.

If you are really worreid about the world ending I have no idea why you would want to be anywhere near a populated area it makes no sense.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this show? Or what your thoughts are on a real prepping scenario?

posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 03:55 PM
It is a tv show. It has an agenda, as allways. This time, it is probably to make preppers look crazy. And all they have to do is be a bit more picky.

posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 03:57 PM
hey fat guys will last longer without food

posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 04:12 PM
reply to post by BrianG

If the world goes under and I'm holed up with a fat guy and no food then that fat guy could mean life or death come winter

posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 09:25 PM
What I dont get is the scoring system they have at the end. Makes no sense to me. I thought for sure the rich guy in the beginning of that episode was FAR more prepped than the jewish person running for office. I mean, the rich guy had everything at his disposal. Money, helicopters, guns, trained his daughter in fighting and shooting and knife throwing. Truck loads of food.

The jewish guy was worried about eating items that werent kosher. That episode got me frustrated. I was in shock that their arbitrary scoring system had that guy more prepped than the rich one.

posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 09:33 PM
reply to post by bknapple32

I was laughing my ass off when they did that lmao i thought the same thing but really the jewish guy had overall better plans plus a better location then the rich guy so really I think he did better but in reality its not how much money you spend prepping its about how and where you are prepping.

But yah the kosher thing is stupid like he said he can go against that if he needs to so why keep a bunch of kosher survival food if you are in a survival situation eat what you can so why not stock up whatever will work.

posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 09:54 PM
the thing is, prep or not, it really depends on what situation requires you to take shelter and wether taking shelter is going to mean you survive or not.

america has built a ton of underground bases. so its secure from a nuclear blast, or earthquakes etc. but if we had any extinction event, they would mean #. (ie) meteor crash, or land upheavel / collapse etc, or the accension..

realistically having a remote and well stocked place as mentioned above would be in either.. world war *assuming they dont use nukes on the whole country* otherwise you would need one huge bunker for storing all your animals and such.. and assuming that theres nothing like exploding nuclear reactors, which would cause a fallout through wind and rain spread.

or a zombie apocolypse, in which case, having a remote place may only give you short term protection to ready yourself against the hordes sweeping the land looking for food. in which case, only having strong secure protection around the entire perimeter to stop them coming in.

but in the end. having a safe place and food is always good. cos you never know what will happen. it could be a simple case of mass hysteria and you need to go hide for safety till the military can settle it down. etc.

im sure other people in the world do it, tho i cant say i really know anyone in australia who has a setup. our goverment of course supposedly has a bomb bunker, but i doubt they have any end of world plans. the majority of australians dont even have such a thing as a basement in their homes..

posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 10:05 PM
I heard they canceled this show for next season.
Wonder why

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